Kim Tae Hee Made 40 Million Won per Episode of Yong Pal; Reasonable or Over-Paid?

SBS newest drama Yong Pal‘s ratings is hitting over 16 percent for its fourth episode. With 2 big stars like Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won as the leads, it’s really no wonder that this drama is well received. Joo Won is known to be an excellent actor, I have watched his performance before in Cantabile Tomorrow and his portrayal of Cha Yoo Jin was really detailed and natural. You know an actor is a good one when you can thoroughly enjoy his presence on the screen, not to mention he is very charismatic and good-looking too!

yong pal joo won

Kim Tae Hee in the other hand is famously known for her ethereal beauty instead of her acting skill. To be fair, I have only watched Kim Tae Hee’s performance in Love Story in Harvard and My Princess, I enjoyed both dramas and I think she was fine in My Princess, a rom-com drama full of fluff and cliches but very entertaining. Despite of her improving acting skill, we all know that Kim Tae Hee is not in the same league with the likes of Gong Hyo Jin or Jun Ji Hyun and I believe she realized the prejudices surrounding her acting skills.

In Yong Pal, the female lead character is in coma for much of the beginning and right now the drama is drawing much buzz from how much Kim Tae Hee is being paid for playing the role of Han Yeo Jin. One industry inside told local news media that Kim Tae Hee was being paid around 40 million won (around 34,000 USD) per episode, not much different from Joo Won, the male lead character. For a hallyu star like her I think it’s a reasonable fees, she is no doubt is immensely popular and known as the great beauty of South Korea with perfect proportion.

kim tae hee yong pal

yong pal kim tae hee

You can argue about her acting skills but there is no doubt about the level of her popularity, she is a top class actress who is the main lead of a drama on one of the three major networks. Yeah right now, she might be just laying there and looking all gorgeous but do you know how much it takes to look that freakin perfect? Top actress like her must spend lots of money to maintain the perfect appearance, after all her beauty is her main asset hence 40 million won per episode is not that much if you think from her point of view.

Joo Won might be the real actor who does all the work and appear 90% of the screen-time but Kim Tae Hee is a staple brand name. Her participation in the drama’s promotion alone will boost the over-all profile of Yong Pal, people want to see her and they will talk about her. Good or bad comments, it’s still generating the buzz and eventually will make people get into the drama. She might be just laying there but now we all still talk about her, don’t we? Is the perfect marketing strategy after all.

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So what do you think? Does she deserve the big paycheck? Let me know about your opinion on the comment section!

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