‘Cheese in The Trap’ Webtoon Review

The endless hype of who to cast on ‘Cheese in The Trap’ drama enticed me to check out the actual webtoon. I never read a webtoon before and the only manhwa (Korean Manga) that I ever read is Goong, mainly because I liked the drama which made A-list actress like Yoon Eun Hye skyrocketed into stardom. Anyway, if netizens are making such big deal for a webtoon adaption that means something right? Hence out of curiosity I spend some of my time reading the scanlations of this webtoon. Apparently there are three seasons of this series and it’s still ongoing.

My first impression of this webtoon is the drawing, it’s far from perfect and you really can’t compare it to the art in Japanese Manga or Goong, it’s very minimalist and straightforward. Frankly the story itself is a bit confusing because sometimes it moves back and forth from present to past, vice versa. The heroine of this story is Hong Sul, a 23-years-old college student who has just returned to school after taking a leave of absence. Yoo Jung is her upperclassman, a handsome, rich and popular student who is the perfect guy for pretty much everyone. He was never nice to Sul before, however he suddenly wants to hang out and being all nice to her. Knowing this sudden change of behavior, Sul is convinced he isn’t all nice and hiding a dark side.

sul cheese in the trap
What I like about this webtoon is the heroine’s personality and behavior. Sul is smart, independent and a hard worker, she works multiple part-time jobs to support herself and pay her college tuition fees. She has no time for relationship because she is too busy to survive on her own terms and through her we will learn the patriarchal society of South Korea. No matter how smart you are, if you are a woman, they will expect you to get married and find a good husband, nothing else matters. Sul is trying hard to please her parents, especially his father while her family seemed to favor her younger brother more, who also went abroad to study.

yoojung cheese in the trap

Sul’s suspicion of Yoo Jung is the representation of what we as readers feel as well. The perfect guy is definitely suspicious because of his poker face and subtle gesture of almost everything, he is really hard to read. And after a several chapters I know for sure that this guy is no angel, his initial interest towards Sul might not be because of genuine attraction at all. His dark twisted side will make you go WTF? Yoo Jung is manipulative and possibly a sociopath as well. You definitely don’t want to get on the wrong side of him because he will make you suffer badly. This is not the guy to trust at all.

Although he is borderline creepy, Yoo Jung’s multifaceted personality is something that make this webtoon very addicting. Putting a two-faced prince with strong-headed Sul is a perfect formula to create interesting storyline and dynamic. Sul is very intuitive and smart, she is the very first person who could spot Yoo Jung’s dark side and he was immediately aware of it. Both characters are very sharp about almost everything and Sul is very paranoid about Yoo Jung’s ulterior motives towards her as he become more attentive to her.

baek in ho cheese in trap

Things also get more interesting by the introduction of Baek In Ho and his sister’s characters. These two people are related to Yoo Jung and through them we will learn more about Yoo Jung’s past. In Ho hates Yoo Jung to death and he caught on Yoo Jung’s interest towards Sul early on, he warned Sul about Yoo Jung’s real personality and he seems to take interest on Sul as well. My question is who is the real bad boy of these two? I think they both are crazy but In Ho is less manipulative for sure. He is annoying and rough but it’s just a facade to hide his regret and anger over his unfortunate condition.

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There are alot of mysteries and secrets in this series along with each character’s development, multifaceted personality and inner struggle. The romance is almost non-existence though but I think it will develop much more during season 2. Personally, I think Yoo Jung will develop real feeling towards Sul however his initial motive might be something else. And honestly, he is not a guy that you want to mess up with. He is not your typical charming prince in shoujo manga, everything about him is shady hence I hope Sul is ready to conquer him and get tangled up with his dark side. I will give this webtoon 4 out of 5 stars, intriguing and entertaining, it’s very addicting as well! Can’t wait for the drama adaptation!

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