Stellar is Desperate for Attention With The Sexy Concept

Girl group Stellar is coming back with super sexy concept for ‘Vibrato’. These pretty ladies even wear g-string on the single’s cover resulting in huge media buzz for their controversial sexy image. Even Stellar admits they wear those revealing clothes to grab people’s attention. Only with this way, they will be called to perform and people will have a chance to know them, see them, like them and hopefully buy their music. “If this is what we have to do for more people to know us, we’re okay with it.”

Stellar is not new with sexy concept, in 2014 they released  “Marionette” a video with controversial sexy concept and since then they had release two other songs “Mask” and “Fool” which weren’t as sexy and those songs barely get people’s attention. Hence it’s understandable how their company is pushing them to do another sexy concept like ‘Vibrato’. Stellar needs the buzz so they can get a job and basically to survive in the industry.

stellar vibrato

K-Pop world is very competitive, dozens of groups debuting every year and only a few can actually surviving past their first year. Idol world is very saturated and for girl groups it’s even tougher than ever. They can only choose to be sexy or cute and most girl groups will go with the sexy route to grab media’s attention (e.g: AOA, EXID, Girl’s Day) and eventually get netizens to talk about them. Bad publicity or not, it’s still a publicity that they desperately need to attain public’s recognition.

I have watched the ‘Vibrato’ video and it’s pretty much full of sexual innuendos and sexy provocative moves (Thankfully they’re not wearing those string pants when dancing!). The ladies look gorgeous and confident though, I think they have no choice but to be as sexy as they can to garner people’s interest toward the group. It’s a desperate attempt to stay relevant for sure but can you blame them? They have no power to actually do something since they have neither strong popularity nor big agency to market them properly like SM or YG.

stellar vibrato


I have nothing against Stellar since I barely know them, their popularity is not even close with B-class girl groups like A-Pink, f(x) or EXID. Idol industry is such a tough and competitive environment but to go as  far like Stellar is very sad indeed. It’s damaging not only for their pride but their morality as well and it’s not going to be long lasting too. Sex always sell but for how much longer you can handle the humiliation and degrading comments? Hopefully they can eventually find enough popularity after this comeback.

What do you think about Stellar’s latest comeback? Desperate, slutty, cheap or just sexy enough? Leave your comments below!

Stellar’s Vibrato MV (Warning, labelled 19+ in Korea):



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