Kim Soo Hyun and IU are Sweet Umbrella Couple in “Producer”

Have you followed the latest Korean Drama ‘Producer’ starring 4 big Korean stars like Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU? If you haven’t, you should be! Despite the boring first episode, this drama is progressing well with interesting main leads, solid acting, delightful interaction between characters and of course the complex love story between them.

I still have no idea who will end up with who since none of the main leads reciprocating each other’s feelings. It’s obvious that ice princess Cindy (IU) is smitten by Kim Soo Hyun’s innocent but endearing character Baek Seung Chan, however Seung Chan is completely oblivious with Cindy’s affection since he has this big noona-crush for his senior; Tak Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin). Nevertheless, the sweet yet vague relationship between Cindy and Baek Seung Chan is definitely the main attraction of this drama.

producer korean drama

producer korean drama

When Seung Chan lent his umbrella to Cindy in the middle of the rain, she thought he was trying to flirt with her, little did she know he’s just a nice guy with no ulterior motives. He simply wanted to help her at that time, the umbrella wasn’t only protecting her from the cold rain but from her anti-fans too since she was alone without her manager-oppa. Cindy is shocked and a little disappointed when later on Seung Chan keep pressing her to return that umbrella to KBS receptionist desk soon, since the company will directly deduct the rental fee from his salary. This is totally proofing his innocence and his neutral feelings towards her.

Initially, Cindy joined “2 Days 1 Night” because of her curiosity for Baek Seung Chan (he’s the rookie PD for the show), she told her manager confidently that she can easily make him fall in love with her. Unfortunately, as they interacted in the show, we know for sure it’s the other way around as Cindy is the one who can’t help but to fall in love with Seung Chan. When rain poured down once again in the middle of 2D1N’s shooting, Seung Chan used his hand to cover Cindy’s head and eventually covered her with the KBS umbrella, as the history repeated by itself, this time Cindy has different feelings for him. The slow motion movement of him on her eyes was perfectly executed to represent her growing affection towards him. His unique innocent charm has won over her heart for sure.

producer korean drama

producer korean drama

producer korean drama

Cindy is famously known as the ice princess, even though she is very popular, deep inside she is a lonely girl with no friends or family to lean on. She debuted when she was only 13 years old, since then she always under her CEO’s control. Trapped inside the golden cage, Cindy knows nothing about real life. She always looks cold and bored because she has no freedom whatsoever for 10 years, she’s merely a property to generate money for her company. When she said she wanted to join 2D1N, it’s actually her first request to her CEO. All this time she always does whatever the company said, but this time she demands them to let her do what she wants for once.

It was clear that Baek Seung Chan is the trigger of her assertive nature. She has no friends let alone boyfriend for so long, her feeling for Seung Chan is completely new and it gradually changed her perspective in life. Instead of being grumpy all the time, now she can smile and feels all giddy like a normal young girl when Seung Chan is around her. Seung Chan is her first love, however same thing can’t be said about him, this guy is very oblivious and clearly likes older woman better than fragile young girl like Cindy.

producer korean drama cindy

Cindy’s first love is a one-sided love that may not end with happy ending (But I do hope they will end up together!). Nevertheless, I believe her affection for Seung Chan is the first big step for her to break her shell and see the world in different color. Right now she needs to learn how to open her heart and make some friends. To be truly happy must be her own choice because no one can love her if she doesn’t love herself first.

So what do you think about this interesting pair? Leave your comments below!

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