Henry’s Skinship on We Got Married: Affectionate or Gross?

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of We Got Married. The last time I watched the show almost dutifully every week was when Adam couple (2AM’s Jokwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain) on the show. I also enjoyed the first season since I really like Shinhwa’s Andy-Solbi couple.

Although both Adam couple and Ansol couple had some heavy skinship (Jokwon even kissed Gain’s lips more than once!), I don’t think it was cringe worthy enough. But when I watched the latest WGM episode when Henry tried to kiss Yewon’s thigh ugh, dude. Please refrain yourself from doing such thing! I know we couldn’t blame him entirely for it, who knows if it’s actually the writers who insisted him to do it, or the PD who just didn’t bother to edit it out before showing it on air, but still. Do you think people will look at that and say that it is okay?

It was actually sweet at first, Henry and Yewon was playing basketball, he probably wanted to be a good husband, that’s why he offered Yewon a help. He carried her on his shoulders so she could goal in the ball into the ring. But it was kind of gross when he persistently asked for a kiss, then he also kissed her thigh while she was on his shoulders.

henry yewon wgm

Even Yewon’s expression was kind of uncomfortable even though she tried to ease the awkwardness by laughing. If it was me on Yewon’s position, instead of into the ring, I would probably smash the ball on his head. But then again, it’s another ‘crime’ and people might judge me wrong for doing such thing. After Lee Tae Im scandal broke out, I think Yewon will try her best of not showing her unpleasant thoughts ever again, she definitely have enough haters already.

I guess Henry is desperate to keep the WGM rating up by doing all kind of weird things, his very public display of affection towards Yewon was indeed very cringe worthy and unnatural. Initially, they have sweet skinship with each other but after Yewon’s scandal it’s so obvious that this couple is trying the hardest to keep their segment interesting. Unfortunately, it backfires since WGM’s rating is still all time low (around 3%) and now netizens are criticizing Henry for being perverted and weird. So yeah, this virtual couple is kinda doomed from the start but I appreciate how both of them are trying to do their best for the show . Yewon especially is enduring alot during this WGM stint.

We Got Married couples are mostly staged, it’s not even a secret anymore. I just wish they could bring another innocent atmosphere like Taemin-Naeun couple or a comfortable one like Jokwon-Gain. Have you watched this episode? Please leave your thought about Henry’s skinship below. Do you think he’s too much, or he’s just being his playful self?

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  1. Before, I really like your blog.

    I’m not fan of henry. But after watched yewon henry in wgm, I had fun watch them.
    I have seen wgm from season 1, but for me henry yewon couple is the best. They are romantic couple the way they are.

    I think you must watch from ep 1 wgm henry yewon couple so you can take conclusion.
    You can saw many henry’s weird. Like yewon said henry is not human in general. He has unique personallty that people cant understand.
    Since henry is genius in music maybe he got something weird in his personality.
    And he from canada too.

    In this case, because I saw henry’s weird from ep 1. I think henry is not prevert. He just show affection the way is he.
    Henry kissed yewon thight maybe for many people its too much, but for me since yewon wear jeans, I dont think its not too much. Because its henry.

    This scene, henry asked yewon to kissed her tight. She said “you dont have to do that” and then she allowed.

    I think yewon really know henry’s personality than we know. Member of suju said that henry is so weird person but he never leave his friend.
    Yewon said in early episode that henry’s charm and she can accept his darkness.
    I think yewon is the one in korean who can accept his weird.
    But day by day day in the next episode, you can see yewon teach him how to not showing off something that people can say henry is prevert and weird person.
    She try to handle henry’s weird.

    Maybe you think I’m too much but that is from what I saw.
    To make sure, you can saw full their segment to understand what I mean.

  2. @MarwahAnton Hi thanks for liking our blog and for the thoughtful comments! I think both Henry and Yewon were trying their best to increase the rating by doing all sort of things, do don’t worry I still like Henry despite all of his bizarre actions, I understand it’s all for the sake of entertainment. I wish him all the best in his future projects, hopefully Yewon and Henry can have another project together!

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