Kim Hyun Joong Scandal: Why His Ex-Girlfriend Can’t Leave Him?

Kim Hyun Joong allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend (known as Miss Choi) and she is now pregnant with his baby. This scandal has been widely reported by media, fans and non-fans rapidly wrote their opinion in the internet, some still supported the idol while some just loathed his action and wished him to end his career in the entertainment world. Frankly, I’m not a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, I don’t watch his dramas except Boys Over Flowers and he was really terrible in that hit drama, as a result I vowed not to watch anymore of his monotonous acting.

Despite of his lack of acting skill, I admit that he is a very charming and good-looking idol. Fans said he has this 4D personality, I don’t know much though since I’m not really into him or his former group SS501. My initial impression of him is an idle, oddly charming but unpredictable guy, like a deep ocean before storm, you will never know what’s beneath that calm blue surface. When I first read about his scandal, it reminded me of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s scandal. The difference is the non-celebrity girlfriend hence we have limited knowledge about her.

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With Rihanna and Chris Brown, we know the long history of their love story, both stars were young, bold and madly in love. Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna when they allegedly involved in big argument, the injuries were pretty gruesome however despite the strong opposition of their troubled relationship, Rihanna keeps coming back to him. They were in on and off relationship for several years. We may ask why she can’t just forget and leave him, but the problem is never that simple. People stay in this kind of toxic relationship for many reasons and it’s never easy to leave their abuser because of the constant manipulation and attachment.

Kim Hyun Joong himself admitted that he hit his girlfriend but not frequently, the photos of her injuries were published as an evidence to sue him. Later on, the ex-girlfriend revoked her claim and for a while everything seems to be okay until she announced her pregnancy. At first she said she will raise her baby alone, however just a week ago she announced that she has a miscarriage before and it was because KHJ’s frequent assault on her, now she demands him to pay around 1.6 billion won. Gosh, even the most makjang Korean drama can’t top this storyline right?

kim hyun joong scandal

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kim hyun joong assault

Similar to Rihanna, I think his ex-girlfriend can’t leave him for many reasons. She might be madly in love with him, abnormally obsessive of him and she surely loves his money, fame and constant affection. As a top idol, I believe KHJ can make any woman fall deeply in love with his charm and looks. I mean it’s hard enough to leave a common non-celebrity person in a relationship, let alone a charming idol who just keep coming back to you right? I don’t know if he is a serial abuser or not, but his eyes and expression could be really scary in some scenes of Boys Over Flowers, a sign of hidden sociopath? We may never know.

Based on the news report, he apparently asked for her forgiveness and paid huge settlement money (600 million won) so she could just shut up about her first alleged miscarriage and revoked her claim. He wooed her with love and money, they back together again, they fucked, she’s pregnant (for the second time), he assaulted her and now she sues him again. Rinse, repeat. This is just a typical cycle of abusive relationship. I have witnessed this kind of relationship before. The victim thought that once the abuser asked for forgiveness, he will change for the better. However, the sweet and gentleman manner is only temporary, as his true monstrous side will never go away.

Before you know, you are trapped in the endless loop of pain, turmoil and desperation, you want to leave but you just don’t know how. Typical abusers know how to manipulate their victims very well, whether it’s with love, fear, money or self-esteem. It’s really hard to breakaway when you are deeply involved with a person and most women feel they can fix their partners for whatever reason. I think this is the case for KHJ’s girlfriend and the temptation of billions of money is hard to resist too. I don’t think she’s innocent,  she might want to use her pregnancy as a way to avenge or tie him down, she’s pretty messed-up for sure.

During this scandalous circumstance, KHJ reportedly has entered the military to fulfill his duty. I guess it’s good that he left for a while, his image has been tarnished pretty badly and I don’t think everything will be the same again after this. Both sides just need to realize they are better without each other, and hopefully Miss Choi aka the girlfriend will understand that her sanity and safety is not worth to put at stake even for billions of won, unless she is really a gold-digger at heart.

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  1. Mis choi is hiding something if not y refuse to see khj n refuse tests hmm…. i dont trust her plus d media should reveal her identity i am realy curious.poor oppa plz stay strong *fighting*

  2. Agree with the writer…infact i was big fan of KHJ and im feeling really really depressed right now..sweet innocent guy in wgm just disappearT_T…..really realllllyy miss KJH in WGM with hwang bo….

    But what is done, it is done…dont regret what happened to you, KHJ just FIX THEM!…be a good father to your son…heal your a good person again!! I will be waiting for u change…#fighting

  3. this is so far the most sensible piece i have read from a non-fan. i agree with u and encourage u to write more of this piece. good job

  4. this girl is just trying to ruin his image , maybe he wanted to break up with her and she refused , because why tell the public about it , she put a price on her baby head if she was really devastated she wouldn’t have ask for money because it can’t bring the baby back , she just planned this whole thing …… Even if it was real at a point she lost sight of what she was fighting for. , or did she think of when the baby grows up hw the child will feel about everything, they are just some things that happen for a reason he should just give her the money and forget about her and everything concerning the scandal …. Am still rooting for him

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