“Heart to Heart” Drama Review

Heart to Heart is a tvN rom-com drama that caught my attention because of its funny and interesting trailers. The main casts are Choi Kang Hee, Chun Jung Myung, Lee Jae Yoon and former Wonder Girls‘ member Ahn So Hee. This drama may not be really popular because it’s a cable TV drama but believe me Heart to Heart is a gem, it has this kind of indie vibe with quirky and interesting main characters. The theme itself is very interesting and I guess it’s the current trend of Korean Drama these days, it deals with psychological and mental problem similar to It’s Okay, It’s Love, Kill Me, Heal Me and Hyde, Jekyll and Me.

Cha Hong Do (Choi Kang Hee) is a woman who suffers from social phobia and has a problem with severe blushing. She can’t go out without feeling anxious hence she wears a helmet to hide her face or disguises herself if she’s out in the public. After her grandmother dies, Cha Hong Do begins doing housework as a maid, but disguises herself as an elderly woman. Hong Do also harbors a crush towards Jang Doo Soo (Lee Jae Yoon) who works as a Detective, she has been sending him food and presents for the past seven years however she doesn’t have any courage to actually communicate with him because of her phobia.

Heart to Heart drama

Heart to Heart drama

Later on, she read a book written by a psychiatrist named Ko Yi Suk (Chun Jung Myung). Fascinated by his writing, she thought that he can cure her social phobia. After much consideration, she decided to visit his hospital only to witness a horrible scene. In his room, Ko Yi Suk was with his patient and he appeared to stab the patient’s neck. The police arrested Yi Suk and Hong Do became a witness for the case. Yi suk was furious because of Hong Do’s testimonial that accused him as the culprit of the attack. As his world fell apart, Yi Suk tried to kill himself, only to be rescued by Hong Do afterwards.

After Yi Suk’s case had resolved, Hong Do plead to Yi Suk to cure her phobia. Initially, Yi Suk bitterly refused and asked for a huge amount of fees if she wanted him to cure her. Unknown to Hong Do, Yi Suk himself had a patient phobia and strangely he can only feel at ease with his patient while Hong Do is present with him. Yi Suk then asks Hong Do to work with him and as an exchange he will try to cure her illness. Hong Do agrees because she wants to live a normal life and confesses her love to Detective Jang, as time goes by these two lonely individuals start to find comfort in each other and build an odd companionship. Things get more complicated when Se Ro (So Hee), Yi Suk’s little sister begin to fall in love to Detective Jang, resulting in a complex rectangle love.

The things that I love about this 16 episodes-drama:

1. The quirky and interesting main characters; Cha Hong Do and Ko Yi Suk

Heart to Heart drama

It’s not a secret that I hate weak heroine (e.g: Cha Eun Sang), initially Hong Do is very useless and pathetic mainly because of her social phobia. However after a while you can figure out that she really tries hard to breakout from her shell. Her first big step is by approaching the cocky Yi Suk and bravely asking for his help despite her overwhelming anxiety of social interaction, Yi Suk’s rude behavior doesn’t help much either but she relentlessly persuades him.

Slow but sure she begin to open herself and try her best to overcame her phobia with Yi Suk’s assistance. Beneath the helmet and blushing faces, Hong Do is smart, kind and adorable woman. Life is cruel to her but she is working hard to survive and eventually she will reap what she sow. Hong Do is definitely a sweetheart to root for. Choi Kang Hee really delivered a great performance as the vulnerable yet strong-hearted Hong Do.

heart to heart korean drama

Ko Yi Suk is pretty much your typical handsome pompous main lead, fortunately Chun Jung Myung delivered a stellar and charming performance for this complex character. Ko Yi Suk acts like an asshole (and he’s not ashamed about it) but he is not a bad guy. Because of his past trauma, Yi Suk is actually a lonely and deeply troubled person who hides behind his confident facade. At first, I believe he just want to use Hong Do for his benefits and amusements without the care to cure her phobia. However, he soon realizes that he can only be true to himself with Hong Do. With her, he doesn’t need to pretend to be perfect. As their relationship grows, we can see his insecure, soft and caring side for his lovely Hong Do.

2. The growing relationship between OTP

I love the progress of Hong Do and Yi Suk’s relationship, they started of as bickering strangers who oddly able to curse at each other without any filters despite their mental problems. Hong Do has social phobia but she can communicate with Yi Suk like a normal person, she is not afraid to shout or even hit him when he acts like a super jerk. In the other hand, Yi Suk loves to torture and tease Hong Do endlessly, he did it for fun at first but later on we know it’s his own way to show his affection for her.

heart to heart korean drama

heart to heart korean drama

Their odd companionship gradually developed into friendship and eventually love. It’s funny to watch how initially Hong Do is not crazy about Yi Suk even after they slept together (she said she’s sorry for using him when she’s broken-hearted LOL!), she also turned down his confession down without blinking! But as you know she’s already fallen in love with him, so deep and there is no way turn back. The chemistry between these two characters is no joke, you can always feel the tension whether they are fighting or being super sweet to each other.

Yi Suk’s constant jealousy towards Detective Jang is very amusing and the great thing about him is how he never forced her to be with him, he always leave it to Hong Do’s choice. For example, in episode 7 when Hong Do confessed her love to him, he calmly opened his arm, asked her to come and hug him. Or in episode 10 when Detective Jang held Hong Do’s hand and asked her to be with him. Yi Suk was furious but instead of forcing her to come with him, he instructed Hong Do to come to his side or else he will leave, Hong Do released herself from Detective Jang and followed Yi Suk accordingly.

It’s refreshing to see a male lead in Korean Drama who respect his woman’s choice instead of dragging her like some kind of a rag doll. Even with his obvious flaws, Hong Do clearly brings the best out of Yi Suk and vice versa. With love, they are growing to be a better person for each other.

heart to heart korean drama

heart to heart korean drama

3. The secondary couple; Detective Jang and Se Ro

Detective Jang is not my favorite character because he is just too passive and clueless. The biggest turn-off moment is when he told Hong Do how he wished that she remained broken and isolated like she used to be. Gosh, that was like so fucked up. Any man who wish his woman to be broken is out of his mind and just plain pathetic. I understand that he was frustrated because he was used to be Hong Do’s target of affection but still it’s just out of the line. If you love someone you will wish her to be happy and healthy not the other way around.

hth 1

Luckily, he met Se Ro, Ko Yi Suk’s spunky little sister who had lived in America since she is just a kid. She is an aspiring actress who moved back to Korea to reconnect with her dysfunctional family. Se Ro is an assertive and independent girl. Even though she knows Detective Jang’s feeling towards Hong Do, Se Ro is persistently approaching him with her own cute way, non-clingy and non desperate.

Knowing Detective Jang’s kind nature, she also straightforwardly tells Detective Jang not to be nice to her if he doesn’t like her. Se Ro is the kind of woman that Detective Jang needs since he is so damn clueless. Him with Hong Do spell disaster because they both are so naive and inexperienced in love. With Se Ro, he can slowly learn from her on how to love and express his affection. This couple is so sweet together, definitely the secondary couple that you will adore.

heart to heart korean drama


My only complain for this drama is the melodramatic plot towards the latest episodes. It’s really unnecessary since this drama started out to have a nice balance between light and heavy tones, I love the over-all mature and indie feeling (The OST is great too!). Yi Suk’s family tragedy is the red threat between him and Hong Do (and their psychological condition), but the painful separation along with all the melancholic moments is just too overwhelming to me. The melodramatic moments is super cliche and I just wish to skip and watch the happy ending of Yi Suk and Hong Do.

Nevertheless, I still adore this drama, it’s underrated but you will have no regret after watching it. Heart to Heart is a very humanized drama that tell us about a relationship between two broken people who found each other, Hong Do and Yi Suk are full with flaws and mental wounds but as love grows between them, they start to comfort and heal each other. It’s love in its best form which is accepting each other’s flaws and bringing out the best version of your loved ones.

I give this drama 4.5 out of 4 stars, very recommended, you can watch this drama here or watch the drama clips below.

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