Yewon & Lee Tae Im Saga Continues, MBC Writer Addresses The Scandal?

Netizens really need to chill and find better things to do than scrutinizing Yewon and Lee Tae Im‘s scandal. If you have no idea about what I’m talking about read more about the controversy here. I still can’t find the logic of why these netizens are so passionate to witch-hunt Yewon or Lee Tae Im. At first they blamed Lee Tae Im and now they are accusing Yewon as a two-faced manipulative girl.

I really feel bad for both women because no one deserved to be treated like that over a small controversy (They didn’t kill anyone for heaven’s sake!). If you have entered the workplace, you will understand arguments and conflicts are bound to happened between colleagues. No one is pure good or pure evil, circumstances and other factors can push your button constantly every single day. In their situation, both sides are clearly wrong but as an outsiders we have no right to judge them, let alone to witch-hunt them and ruin their career.


A writer from MBC‘s ‘Tutoring Across Generations‘ recently took to his/her personal SNS page to address the controversy. Although no specific person was mentioned in the post, reports have stated that it wasn’t hard to assume that the writer was referring to Yewon when s/he wrote, “A normal and nice kid.”

“Witch hunt is chillingly scary. It’s scary that tabloids without any truth are circulating. I wonder if people know that they are doing a very scary thing when they write and spread these tabloid reports as if it’s just gossip or a joke. It’s to the point a normal and nice kid is being driven into becoming a witch to blame; why is everyone laughing?”

Even I am bitter and enraged, I wonder how she is feeling being driven to [an image of a] witch. [You don’t know] how much has passed since then and how much she’s put up with all day. How she was so mature [about the situation] and was professional, why past staff members gave her a standing ovation. Why are people writing fictional novels when they don’t know anything. I don’t think this is right, this is so not right.

The writer clearly tried to defend Yewon in this post, we may never know if s/he manufactured this or not but one thing for sure; no one deserved to be treated like a witch. Yewon did lie but it’s most probably because her company pushed her to do that, she’s after all an idol with image to be protected. Moreover, even though Yewon did spoke banmal to Lee Tae Im, she didn’t deserved to be cursed like that. If someone cursed at you, what will you do? I bet you can do worse than her. And no one should witch-hunt Lee Tae Im either since she was in difficult shooting circumstances before, thus explaining why she reacted so strongly towards Yewon.

lee tae im

I have no idea why the Korean media blow up this story, it’s so over the top and ridiculous. Those netizens need to realize that no one is pure good or evil, people lied and cursed during the most difficult time, it’s wrong but it’s not a big sin whatsoever. Human do mistakes all the time and both Yewon and Lee Tae Im are just humans like us. You will never know what really happen behind the scene hence stop judging them. Also please remember they worked really hard to entertain us thus let’s respect their hard work and support them instead.

Both Lee Tae Im and Yewon also have apologized in regards to the situation since the controversy. So can we all move on and find a better thing to do? These two women need to breathe and live their life.

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