Suzy is not Close with Miss A Members?

Firstly, I want to say I love Miss A new song Only You and their over-all concept, it’s sexy, playful and super fun. A great comeback from Miss A for sure, but it seems everything is not all rosy within the group despite their successful comeback.

Usually I don’t care much about what’s going on behind the scene between members in a particular group. But an article on Netizenbuzz about Suzy just caught my eyes, it shows three pictures of Suzy looking out of place with other Miss A members; Min, Jia, Fei. Let’s play photo assumption game, shall we?

Suzy is always on the far left in every photos, with the same expressions and pose. She looks very awkward, that polite smile and clasped hands is very telling as well. You only do that kind of pose if you feel uncomfortable and insecure. Members of girl groups are usually close or they pretend to be close. Suzy doesn’t seem to care to fake it anymore, well I don’t pity her or anything. She is the most popular member out of Miss A, a CF queen and she’s dating Lee Min Ho! This girl is on the top of the world.

miss a suzy 2

miss a suzy 1

I guess Suzy’s popularity did cause some discords between her and other members of Miss A. I found an article report that Suzy didn’t attend Jia’s last birthday party, while Min and Fei attended the party along with 2AM Jokwon and SNSD Hyoyeon. Not invited or just unable to come? We may never know. Based on my quick research, Fei and Jia are close because they are both from mainland China, Min in the other hand is close with many people in the entertainment industry like Hyoyeon, Amber, and G.NA. For Suzy, so far I’m only aware that she’s close with IU.

Frankly, it’s hard not to envy Suzy if you are in the same group as her. If you combine Fei, Jia and Min’s popularity all together, it still can’t match to Suzy’s. She is ultra famous in South Korea and now she’s even dating one of top actors in the country. Suzy certainly will be fine without Miss A but the other members are pretty much in jeopardy if she left. Anyway, I think it’s normal if you are not close with your fellow members in a group. They are after all just colleagues who need to work together, eventually it’s all about business.

Most of us don’t even hang out with our colleagues after work, but it doesn’t mean we have a bad relationship with them whatsoever. It’s just a normal professional relationship between colleagues. I guess Suzy is in that kind of relationship with her members. Clearly they have different circle of friends and the age gap is pretty wide, it might be hard to develop personal friendship beyond work.

What do you think about these pictures? Is Suzy really the outsider? Or we might just over-analyze it?

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