Song Jae Rim Kissed Kim So Eun in a Selfie of New House

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun aka Solim Couple settled into their new home on the latest episode of ‘We Got Married‘. Initially they were shocked with their new house however the couple decided to deal with it and went shopping for items to decorate the house.

Song Jae Rim showed Kim So Eun how fashionable he can be even with stripped pants that he loves, no wonder he was a high fashion model before. He also proved that his impressive body wasn’t just for looks as he carried around his onscreen wife on his back while he mopped the dirty floor after she used her “piggy back” coupon, one of his White Day present for her.

During her black-room interview, Kim So Eun commented her husband, “He felt reliable. I was satisfied that I used the coupon.” It didn’t stop there, after they enjoyed their dinner Song Jae Rim carried her over the threshold into their room. He said, “We’ve moved in, so I’ll carry you into the bedroom.” Later on, Song Jae Rim asked for his virtual wife’s smartphone and suggested to take commemoration selfie of their new house.

solim selfie 3

solim selfie 2

solim selfie 1

As they hugged and ready to take some selfies, Song Jae rim took a chance to kiss his wife’s forehead. Surprising her but the results are really adorable and sweet. They celebrated their first night with several other selfies, clearly showing that they are a visual and gorgeous couple indeed. Even though they are now the oldest couple, we can still feel the chemistry and fun dynamic between these two cat lovers.

What do you think about Solim Couple’s newest house? And are you still watching their segment despite the newest addition for the show?

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