Henry & Yewon Couple Will Continue Filming for We Got Married

MBC finally aired Henry Super Junior M & Yewon couple segment last Saturday and it has been confirmed that Henry and his virtual wife Yewon will continue to carry out their filming schedules for MBC‘s We Got Married. Today, on April 6th, one of Henry’s agency representative told TV Report, “We have not heard anything related to leaving the show. There is a filming schedule for We Got Married planned for next week.” (Source: Allkpop)

UPDATE: Henry Kissed Yewon on We Got Married.

Well fans of Henwon couple can rejoice now after weeks of uncertainty about the fate of this virtual couple. Frankly, I didn’t think MBC will keep Yewon in the show after her scandal, since it caused such huge chaos among the netizens. Some of her shows had edited her out too, hence the decision to keep her is quite fascinating. Perhaps she does have a solid sponsor behind her or my other theory is Henry’s agency, the powerful SM Entertainment insisted to keep him in the show hence they had no option other than to keep Yewon. It takes two to tango in WGM after all.

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Some said that joining WGM with Yewon might damage Henry’s reputation, but you must realized that this show is hugely popular among international fans, if previously unknown name like Song Jae Rim (he’s under SM C&C, the sister company of SM Entertainment, coincidence?) gained huge popularity because of WGM, just imagine how it will affect Henry’s popularity in the future. This show can do wonder if you want to get your name out there, it was also reported that many celebrities are lining up to appear in the show.

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Henry certainly needs the exposure to reach the top and I bet he knows it too. I believe Henry is very smart and ambitious despite his image as innocent fool in the show. For so many years Henry has been under Super Junior’s shadow, fortunately SM gave him the chance for solo debut and the rest is history. He is pretty well known these days and people start to notice his talents, not only in music but in variety show too. As for Yewon, I think this is a chance for her to redeem herself. Netizens are so fickle anyway, they may hate you today but they can love you tomorrow. As time goes by people will certainly forget and move on from her scandal.

I think right now MBC is trying to test the water first and see how people respond to Henwon couple, they can’t remove the couple yet because it’s obviously still too early, it will discredit the whole show. Considering how many scandals they have faced recently, I think the PD had evaluated the situations carefully. And frankly there is no such thing as bad publicity, no matter how bad the scandal is, it still creates huge buzz for the show. Huge buzz equal to viewers and sponsorship, which eventually lead to profits. We will see how long this couple will survive and personally I think they have the potential for great entertainment.

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