Henry Kissed Yewon in We Got Married

Henry Super Junior M had exceeded our expectation once again, though it was only their second meeting, he wasn’t afraid to kiss his virtual wife Yewon on the latest episode of MBC We Got Married. 

Never ever I watched WGM couple which is super fast like this, even Solim Couple aka LTE couple wasn’t this fast. So far Song Jae Rim had only kissed Kim So Eun on her forehead area and they have been married for 7 months. So yeah Henry, you are the one to beat in terms of skinship, no wonder you are known as a player.

In the latest episode, Henry showed up in a white tuxedo in front of Yewon’s apartment, having prepared to give her a romantic proposal. As soon as she showed up at their meeting spot, Henry gifted her a lovely blue mini dress and a necklace. He sat at the piano to play and sing her a romantic song Marry You by Bruno Mars. 

Later on when they cut their proposal cake, Henry asked Yewon to close her eyes and suddenly give her a light kiss on the lips, surprising her (she avoided it and fell on the floor) as well as everyone in the studio. Eric Nam even went crazy and shouted, “Henry Lau, what are you doing?” Clearly frustrated and surprised by that bold action. Totally a priceless and funny moment from Eric, who is known as Henry and Amber f(x)‘s close friend.

eric nam wgm

Regarding the kiss, Yewon explained in her solo interview, “A shadow came in quickly and touched my lips. I knew it was his lips because they were soft. The moment was fresh, and I was disappointed it was so short.” Next time make sure you don’t avoid it, girl! Henry also shared, “It’s now. I suddenly had that thought. I don’t know why I did it, but I ended up kissing her. I don’t regret it.”

The kiss scene is definitely the reason why I want Henry to stay on WGM, he is so unpredictable and fun to watch! If you watch Real Men you will know what I’m talking about. He is dorky, funny and super unpredictable. Henry is from Canada hence he is not afraid to break all the rules and people will let him be because of his background. If other idols did this, their fans might be mad but knowing Henry, I think his fans will be just fine.

Henry and Yewon will be a fun couple indeed, hopefully they will survive all the backlashes. I’m going to tune in for their next episode for sure, how about you?

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One Reply to “Henry Kissed Yewon in We Got Married”

  1. I’m not suprised since knew henry like that.

    But I dont think henry is player. He just friendly.
    Being player that means you have many girlfriend.
    But henry just have one girlfriend for 7 years.
    I think every man in henry’s age like that.
    Just the other idol keep his nice image so they dont do that.
    But henry like you said he is not afraid to break the rule and showing off his true feeling.
    I dont know henry is really player or not. It just my opinion.
    Maybe he is real player. But after watched all of their episode in wgm, he doesnt know kiss woman by cool. You can see when yewon teach him how to do kiss in lamp.
    But I think yewon is player than henry. Haha…

    Since henry and yewon knew each other so they easy to do skinship.

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