Yewon and Lee Tae Im Scandal, Another WGM Curse?

Yewon (former member of Jewelry) the new participant of We Got Married got into a big scandal because of her feud with actress Lee Tae Im. MBC even cut her segment with Henry Lau last week. Yeah I don’t actually believe they cut it because of the baseball game, it’s definitely a damage control because Korean Netizens are furious and demand her to leave the show. Geez, please give this show a break! There are too much scandal on WGM lately, first Jonghyun and Nana dating rumor, secondly Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon dating scandal, now Yewon who just recently become a couple with Henry got into this mess.

The feud between Yewon and Lee Tae Im has been going on since last month (the detail here), the actress has apologized and I thought the problem has been solved. But a few days ago, a footage video of Lee Tae Im and Yewon conflict was released and in contrary of what Yewon’s representative said, apparently she did speak banmal (informal language) to her senior, Lee Tae Im. This seemed to provoke the actress and as the result she cursed at Yewon. She reportedly left the show Tutoring Across the Generation afterwards because of this scandal. Netizens are mad because Yewon wasn’t telling the truth and they are calling her two-faced and manipulative.

UPDATE: Henry & Yewon will continue filming for We Got Married



UPDATE: Yewon & Lee Tae Im Saga Continues, MBC Writer Addresses The Scandal?

I watched the video and seriously I think it’s all just misunderstanding that can be solved right away. The actress might just be in really bad mood because of the difficult shooting condition and Yewon also did wrong when she spoke banmal to her senior, but her tone was all light and harmless. She glared at the actress because it’s just a normal reaction when someone challenge you that way. Both sides were clearly wrong but it’s not as big deal as how it was reported. I agree that the Korean media did favor Yewon more than the actress, but I guess this because she has a strong sponsor behind her. Yewon is everywhere lately hence I believe her company will do anything to keep her image intact.

Honestly, I’m waiting to watch more of her segment with Henry on WGM. Mostly because I love Henry, he is very talented, charming and funny. He also has this cute chemistry with Yewon therefore I was disappointed when I read MBC cut their segment last week. MBC never went this far before even with Oh Yeon Seo or Kim So Eun’s dating scandal, which in my opinion is far more harmful for this show than Yewon’s scandal. If they decided to remove Yewon, then we will see no more of Henry as well because they have been picked as the official new pair along with CNBLUE Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon. It will be super weird if they choose another partner for him. Poor Henry, he did nothing wrong. I just hope those netizens can chill and move on from this matter.

Yewon Henry2

I read that there is a such thing like WGM curse and with many scandals among the participants lately, I guess this rumor kinda hit the right mark. Yewon will create a history if the producer remove her from the show, I mean she merely appeared in 2 episodes! And so far I like her image in the show. She is cute, sweet and super friendly. I know this might be her on-screen persona but who cares? I watch WGM for entertainment sake, I don’t care about what’s real or not. This show is just like a light sitcom, my guilty pleasure on weekends.

UPDATE : Henry Kissed Yewon on We Got Married

Anyway, I still think this so called scandal between Yewon and Lee Tae Im is very over-the-top and ridiculous. They could just resolved it peacefully between themselves. Clearly it’s all misunderstandings that occasionally happened in a workplace. Hopefully this is not some kind of media play to cover other bigger issue.

What do you think about this issue? Will MBC remove Yewon from WGM? Or she deserve to stay despite the scandal?

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  1. This scandal is not big a deal. Dispatch made their scandal too much.
    Maybe after filming they have been solved by themself peacefully.
    Why they must show off in front of camera that they are fine right now.
    Or should yewon say sorry in front of camera? I think yewon is not starving artist.

    I’m really sad they leave wgm now.
    They are adorable couple. Their life never get bored.
    Even the last episode, they bring laughter.
    Its too bad they just havev3 moths.
    Are you happy now knets????

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