Kim So Eun Apologized to Her WGM Husband Song Jae Rim for Dating Rumor

This WGM real-life dating scandal fiasco is somehow both amusing and frustrating to me. This week Kim So Eun was reportedly dating her fellow actor Son Ho Joon, read more here, but both side swiftly denied it. Netizens are mad and demands her to quit WGM, calling her insincere, fake and unprofessional. Now the media reported that she has apologized to her WGM husband Song Jae Rim, personally contacted him and explained the situation on the night the dating rumors hit headlines on the 9th February.

The insider stated, “Kim So Eun was shooting for an advertisement at the time, so she met to talk with Song Jae Rim personally after her schedule was over. Though the dating rumors had already been denied, she apologized and explained herself to Song Jae Rim as a scandal had erupted because of her.” (source:

A rep from ‘We Got Married’ also stated, “Kim So Eun was apologetic that Song Jae Rim might’ve felt bad because of her, so she expressed how sorry she was and explained the truth about the dating rumors. Song Jae Rim sincerely comforted Kim So Eun, who had a hard day. He showed a dependable side as Kim So Eun’s oppa and husband.” (

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Those statements are PR damage control for sure and don’t you think it’s super ridiculous to make her apologize to her virtual husband? I mean come on, they are not even in a real relationship to begin with. It reminded me of the infamous Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal (she was publicly apologizing to her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. Later on I read that Robsten is actually fake too, it was a staged relationship for marketing purpose). Seriously, the way they handle this dating scandal fiasco is so Twilight-y and over the top.

Kim So Eun is definitely on the wrong side for her careless action, going on late night “date” with her alleged boyfriend. But I don’t think she needs to apologize to Song Jae Rim (who might not really give a damn about it, he is busy with his new drama, his first leading role too). The one who she should apologize to are the WGM viewers and Solim fans. These people are the one who are disappointed with her action the most. She literary shattered all of their fantasies over night which is supposed to be the main appeal of WGM.

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You know, I just can’t bear to watch the super awkward episode when she apologized to Song Jae Rim, I mean seriously it’s Oh Yeon Seo case all over again. WGM PD might said Kim So Eun will not be leaving but I guess they will test the water first with tomorrow’s episode. I love Solim couple and their natural chemistry, read here but this whole fiasco is kinda a big turn-off to me. Making her apologizing to Song Jae Rim is just emphasizing the fact that she’s cheating on him. Song Jae Rim will be the saint and gain all the sympathies from public once again, it won’t do any good favors to her.

Perhaps Kim So Eun is just not media-savvy enough to be that it girl, no wonder her career is not going anywhere after 10 years. I still like her though, I hope she can bounce back after this. To be honest, I don’t think her WGM stint will last long after this dating scandal. Apologetic statement is merely emphasizing her wrongdoings and showing her desperate attempt to overcame all negative backlashes. Hopefully, she will learn from her mistake and move on to a better project, please switch focus to do a drama instead of variety show.

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