Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon is Reportedly Dating, Both Sides Denied It

The real life dating scandal for WGM Season 4 is not going to stop. After Hong Jong Hyun dating rumor with After School’s Nana, here comes another bomb and this time it hits the popular Solim couple. Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon is reportedly dating but both agencies denied it. Geez, I wonder why many scandals surfaced during this season, it’s super-fishy because considering what happened before (Oh Yeon Soo and Hong Jong Hyun’s dating scandal) MBC should take some precautions but it seems they are letting all these happens in such short time.

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I have no idea who is Son Ho Joon, but he is surely close with So Eun because the article said they went to a French restaurant in Gangnam and enjoyed chatting and drinking together for freakin’ 3 hours. He also visited So Eun’s mother who is admitted to a hospital. They might be dating or maybe he is currently courting her by showering her with sympathy during the hard time (her mother is sick after all). She is very pretty and charming, it will be weird if she’s single in real life, the same goes with Song Jae Rim (Actually I suspected him dating someone too, even more so than her). Anyway, Kim So Eun has lots of male friends and she’s very easy-going, the type that is popular with guys. I will not be surprised if men are lining up in front of her house.

Obviously we all know Song Jae Rim is the one who is more invested in their fake marriage, he works hard to make their segment entertaining and it pays off for him (can’t wait to watch his new drama). He always praised Kim So Eun in many interviews too hence I believe they are getting along well and respect each other. This dating scandal is not really affecting me because I know the chance of them getting together after WGM is almost none, clearly they just consider this as a business relationship like what I stated before. However I’m more worried about their position in the show, hopefully they can still remain as the participants.

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WGM is a fake dating program and viewers want to believe that there are possibilities of real feelings between the participants. Hence there is no way the concept will work if the participants are publicly dating someone outside the show. Perhaps she rejected any possibilities of dating Song Jae Rim because of her real life boyfriend, but at least she should keep her dating activities as a secret. This time it’s a major mishap from Kim So Eun’s side because there are photographic evidences of her and his alleged boyfriend. Of course man and woman can be purely platonic friends, but based on my experience if you chat with the opposite sex alone for 3 hours straight, it’s either dating time or important business meeting.

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Frankly, I feel Kim So Eun should learn how to be more careful with her words and actions (maybe some media and PR course? She badly need one). There was her controversial SINA interview and now this dating rumor. She needs to understand the importance of creating a favorable public image and how to represent her projects earnestly, being honest is okay but just make sure you know who your audiences are. She is not anchoring any drama now thus WGM fans are her current main audiences, she should make them happy to maintain her popularity, it’s part of her job after all. WGM is the breakthrough that she needs, so don’t waste it Kim So Eun, learn from your fake husband.

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But the funny thing is during her alleged night date, I noticed she wore the same green jacket as Song Jae Rim’s during their WGM fishing date episode, he even wear it on a special documentary for his volunteer work in Cambodia. It may not mean anything but maybe this coincidence can amuse some Solim fans out there. Believe me I know how it feels when your ship is sinking down but you will be just fine, just remember WGM is just a TV-Show to entertain you. Now I will just wait for either Nam Goong Min or Hong Jin Young‘s scandal. So far they are the most sensible couple, I guess ages do give them more experiences in this industry.

Despite the dating scandal, I will still watch Solim Couple segment because they are really fun and the chemistry is still sizzling. I don’t care if they are really dating anyone outside the show, but hopefully they can keep it as a secret at least during this WGM stint. For you who is still supporting Solim Couple leave your comments below! I guess this lovely couple really need our support to survive the backlashes.

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