SOLIM Couple “We Got Married” Win MBC Best Couple Award

Congratulations to Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim for the MBC Best Couple Award! You two really hit the big jackpot with “We Got Married” and it all happens in such short time, they even beat the other WGM couples with longer stints. And I love to see their humble side when they are winning, such a nice couple. If I’m not wrong Adam Couple (Jo Kwon & Ga In) won the award in 2010, since then no WGM couples ever win the title of Best Couple. I wrote about Solim Couple in my previous post and I was amazed how that one post garnered so many visitors in such short time. The popularity of this couple is no joke, the fans are crazy about them and so many has jumped into the Solim Ship.


When I watched Solim Couple’s cozy interaction in MBC Entertainment Awards 2014, I know for sure that they are friends off-screen, they appear to have mutual respect and understanding thus resulting in a good partnership. In a big event like this, all eyes are on them and fortunately they know how to deliver their best performance as a couple. I think both Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are so grateful to MBC right now, especially Song Jae Rim. He is practically an unknown name before his WGM stint, now he is all over the internet with bunch of endorsement projects. And he finally got his first lead role in a drama, a proof of his current soaring popularity.

Solim couple is unstoppable and I hope they can keep up with the pace. With concept like WGM, things can get dull easily, that’s why they change the couple every 6-7 months. Luckily, Solim Couple is still quite new so we can expect much more from them. The main appeal of this couple is the strong chemistry between them, despite the obvious set-up, they can make it as natural as possible. There is almost zero awkwardness in their interaction even though they are playing their role as a virtual spouse to each other. I watched bunch of WGM couples before and they all acted lovey-dovey towards each other. However, some couples were so obvious in faking it and some couples were natural and believable enough, I guess it all depends on the degree of their chemistry.

kim so eun junho

Based on my observation, Kim So Eun is very easy-going and likable. You can pair her with anyone and she can make it works. Just watch her previous work with Kim Bum and 2PM Junho, she is very easy to get along with and adapt well with her partners. I guess that’s just her talent as an actress, after all she has been working in show business for more than 10 years. Hence Song Jae Rim is lucky enough to get a partner like her, with other partner I don’t think his concept as this dorky oddball will work, just watch Park Se Young and 2PM Woo Young‘s segment, they were painfully awkward and obviously faking it for the sake of the show. I can say that they both have zero attraction to each other and I was not surprised when I read about their limited interaction when the WGM camera is off.

Well Song Jae Rim is obviously very thankful to Kim So Eun and MBC. He is very popular now and it’s up to him how he will use this moment to climb even further to the top. Moreover, I really admire his effort in WGM, he is working really hard to entertain us, I still couldn’t forget his Sunmi 24 hours dance! It’s a super hilarious and jaw-dropping performance (you can watch below). Model-Actor Song Jae Rim wiggled his apple butt is seriously one of the best things in Korean Variety.

As for Kim So Eun, I think WGM has rejuvenated her career and image, I believe it’s just a matter of time before she get a lead role again in a drama (hopefully a rom-com drama). And Solim shippers may kill me to say this, but frankly until now I don’t think they like each other romantically (at least for now), yeah you may argue with me that chemistry can’t lie and Song Jae Rim is obviously in love with her, etc.

Again, I’m just trying to be objective and straightforward with my stance. WGM is a show, this show is a workplace for these two actors, before they are fake couple, they are colleagues, read my stance about WGM here. Colleagues must respect each other to create good teamwork and I believe they are just like that. So far I love to see their teamwork and I’m sure they are at least friends off-screen, but anything is possible and I will not be surprised if they really date after this show. I honestly can’t wait to watch their next honeymoon episode in Turkey. How about you guys? Just post your opinion about this lovely couple on the comment section.

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Watch Beautiful Solim Couple received their MBC Best Couple Award:

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