Hyun Bin is Back to Dramaland with Hyde, Jekyll and Me

All Hyun Bin fans rejoice! This handsome charismatic guy will return to Dramaland this year, to be precise on 25th January with his new drama Hyde, Jekyll and Me. The drama’s title is a bit creepy but don’t you worry much because he is not going to play as a serial killer in this drama, in fact he will play a chaebol character with a double personality hence the Hyde and Jekyll reference. His female lead is Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince, read my review here) whom I adore, she is very beautiful and charming, a good pick for a rom-com drama.

The synopsis for this drama is pretty straightforward, another Cinderella story with a sprinkle of personality disorder case. From the trailer, I think Hyun Bin’s character is similar to Secret Garden‘s Kim Joo Won, a cold and mean rich guy. The only difference is that multiple personality circumstances, which is kinda intriguing since Han Ji Min’s character will be in love with two men inside one man body, confusing but interesting enough eh? (If it’s me, I will take both Hyun Bins *grins*)

Hyun Bin as Goo Seo Jin is a third generation chaebol and a CEO of amusement park called Wonderland, due to a childhood trauma, he suffers from multiple-personality disorder, with one side of his personality being sweet and kind to others while another side of him is cold and mean. Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na works as Circus Master at Wonderland, when Seo Jin tries to eliminate the circus from Wonderland, Ha Na fights to make it stay. In the process she finds herself falling in love with both the mean Seo Jin and the sweet Seo Jin.

hyde jekyll and me poster hyunbin

hyde jekyll and me han ji min

Well it sounds pretty cliche to me, but all Korean dramas are cliche and I will still watch it as long as the execution is great. The acting and the OTP’s chemistry is the main core for rom-com drama like this. I remember last year around the same time, I was obsessed with You Who Came From The Stars (read my review here) Even though the story is pretty ridiculous and over the top, you definitely can’t resist the immense charm of Cheon Song Yi played by Jun Ji Hyun. You Who Came From The Stars had all the right elements of a great rom-com drama; great acting, great OTP’s chemistry and good writing, that’s all you need to succeed and garner viewers from all over the world.

I hope Hyun Bin’s new drama will meet my expectation, I badly need a good dose of a rom-com drama these days. Hopefully, it’s neither too fluffy nor too dark, just enough to entertain me for the day. I will definitely watch this since I’m a fan of Hyun Bin, my only complain is his hair though. It looks odd and very old-fashioned on him, maybe it will get better after I get used to it. Han Ji Min looks great though, I love that red wavy locks, she is very gorgeous.

You can watch Hyde, Jekyll and Me first teasers below:

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