“Emergency Couple” Drama Review

Emergency Couple was hailed as a medical rom-com drama starring Song Ji Hyo (Goong) and Choi Jin Hyuk (The Heirs, Fated to Love You). I watched this drama because I’m a fan of Song Ji Hyo, the feisty beautiful ace from Running Man. Without a doubt Running Man has boosted her popularity immensely and I’m glad to know that she finally can get a lead role in a rom-com drama, she deserves to get more recognition not only for her variety skill but for her acting skill as well.

The trailers emphasized on Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) bad marriage, they fought ferociously and wrecked each other’s stuff. Plenty of misunderstanding and lack of consideration broke this young couple’s relationship and eventually they decided to get divorce. Six years later they met again as interns in a hospital owned by Chang Min’s uncle and both of them are still mad at each other. Their marriage ended with bitter taste and obviously it affected Jin Hee the most, both mentally and physically.

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In the past, Jin Hee was often being undermined by Chang Min and her mother in law (they are rich while she is just a middle-low class) because of her profession as nutritionist, therefore she decided to become a doctor like her ex husband. Since she is not that young anymore with limited experience, many people are skeptical about her capability, including the head of emergency team who is also her mentor, Gook Chun Soo played by Lee Pil Mo. Jin Hee did lots of mistakes at first however with her determination and hard work, she is gradually getting recognition for her capability as a credible doctor.

Chang Min who used to underestimate Jin Hee starts to gain respect for his former wife and eventually wants her back to his life. Little did he know how Jin Hee is still haunted by their bitter past hence she rejects him coldly. I truly understand why she can’t accept him right away, he was very awful to her during their marriage (read: he was an asshole towards her) not to mention the overbearing mother-in-law who taunted her endlessly. No sane person want to return to that hell, it’s torturing and damaging for your soul.

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Fortunately for Jin Hee, her mentor Chun Soo starts to pay attention to her even though he was mean and cold towards her at first, he even gives her a nickname “Big Rock”. Both men start to pursue her at the same time and it’s not even a fair competition because we all know the result of this love triangle. The second lead guy will never get the girl and it sucks. Frankly, Chang Min is too childish and cocky for my taste, I prefer a mature man like Chun Soo but that’s just me. Maybe I just have enough bad experiences with childish man and believe me in real life this kind of man is the worst.

Song Ji Hyo’s performance as Oh Jin Hee is solid and realistic, I can feel her strong determination after the bitter divorce. The marriage damaged her real bad and most often in that condition we are unable to move forward. Jin Hee in the other hand used that traumatic experience as her main motivation to transform herself, she went to medical school, studied hard and became a doctor. She has proven that she is neither dumb nor useless like what people deemed her to be. She is a strong yet vulnerable character that we all can relate to in real life.

Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min is a childish and temperamental man, the total opposite of Kim Won, his character in The Heirs. Although Chang Min can be really annoying and cocky, I prefer Choi Jin Hyuk’s character in this drama because it showcases his acting range. His performance as Oh Chang Min is more colorful and interesting because he is able to show variety of expressions, it’s definitely better than his stoic acting as the aloof and inhumane Kim Won. Unfortunately, the chemistry between Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk is almost non existent, they are better off as friends than lovers for sure. But the dynamic of their relationship is worth to watch and entertaining enough (there are many sweet romantic scenes too).

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I think second chance is the theme of this drama, that everyone deserves a second chance despite his/her failures. And young love will never sail smoothly without plenty of respect, understanding and compromising. In a second, your loved one can turn into your worst nightmare, literary. Therefore, we all should realize no marriage can survive with mere passion and love. Jin Hee and Chang Min was the stupid young couple who felt they could conquer the world with love alone, they were wrong but unfortunately they got a second chance to mend the broken bond.

I warn you that the medical scenes in the emergency room are full with flaws (yeah even a commoner like me notices it) but what can you expect from a drama? However, the emergency moments can be pretty intense and emotional so you can still enjoy it somehow. If you are bored with Cinderella dramas (e.g: The Heirs), watch Emergency Couple. This is a drama with realistic and mature love story. I will give this drama 3.5 out of 5 stars, mediocre but enjoyable. Song Ji Hyo’s performance is worth to watch for sure.

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