Another WGM Trouble: Hong Jong Hyun & After School’s Nana Dating Rumor

After Kim So Eun‘s controversial SINA interview, here comes another bomb to We Got Married Program. Hong Jong Hyun is rumored to be dating After School’s Nana for 7 months, read more here. I think he joined WGM with Girl’s Day’s Yura around that time too. Ironically, Nana was in the first episode of their segment, helping Jong Hyun to find his fake bride. Both sides denied this rumor quickly but it has done much harm to both WGM and Hong Jong Hyun’s reputation. Netizens are mad and I can predict that Hong Jong Hyun will be Oh Yeon Soo version 2. She was dating Lee Jang Woo, her co-star while doing a WGM segment with Lee Joon. Once it was revealed and her agency didn’t even deny it, they both left WGM citing “scheduling conflict” as the reason.

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The scandal was a big blow to WGM, even though we know it’s just a show, it will be really awkward to watch its participants act lovey-dovey with their partners and knowing they are dating someone for real outside the show. I guess if you do have a real lover outside WGM, you should keep the secret tight like 2PM’s Nichkhun. He was really convincing as the fake husband of F(x)’s Victoria, even though later we know he was dating SNSD’s Tiffany during his WGM stint. Back then I love Khuntoria couple although I was a little skeptical with his reluctance to kiss Victoria, now I know maybe he did that out of consideration for his girlfriend.



Even though Jong Hyun’s agency denied this dating rumor, I think there maybe some truth behind it considering his awkward and timid behavior towards Yura in their segment. Yura is very attractive, how on earth a guy can’t be attracted to her only lead me to two conclusions; either he is gay or he has a girlfriend. Now I might have the answer. You may say he’s doing better these days, but his reluctance to even kiss Yura on the cheek is really frustrating. Come on it can’t be that bad considering one million other guys in Korea want to be in your position and poor Yura, she was literary begging him.

Yura has kissed his cheek for several times without much fuss in early episodes and if I’m not wrong Jong Hyun even kissed Nam Goong Min’s cheek in a game when the two couples met without sweating. Thus the logic why he was so against kissing Yura’s cheek is beyond me. I mean after all you are doing a dating program hence you should know that kissing is normal if you’re dating. Yes, sometimes he can be sweet and caring too but it looks more like he treats Yura as his younger sister. Yura in the other hand is totally yearning for more affection from Jong Hyun. She is always watching him with that big hopeful eyes, her little crush on him is pretty obvious.

jjongah couple

The other husbands; Song Jae Rim and Nam Goong Min are not afraid to act like real lovers to their respective partners, yeah they are acting but they are good at it. Song Jae Rim was not afraid to hold Kim So Eun’s hands on their first day while Nam Goong Min lip-kissed Hong Jin Young in Macau without flinching, that’s what men do when they are attracted to someone. Based on my experience men are all about action, if they like it they will do something about it, fast. Therefore I guess Jong Hyun is not attracted to Yura and he is not even trying to fake it like the other husbands. It’s such a pity because he really can get much more popular if he is willing to play the game. Look at Song Jae Rim, he just got a main lead role for KBS drama and other numerous endorsements, that’s what you got for doing your job well.

In my opinion, Hong Jong Hyun’s dating scandal is much more harmful than Kim So Eun’s interview, read about my opinion here. I don’t mind he is dating Nana but at least he must be smart enough to keep it as a secret. If he does date Nana, I bet Yura knows about it and I kinda feel bad for her. Yura has been trying real hard to make their segment works despite his stoic and cool manner towards her, I mean they lasted for 200 freakin’ days mainly because of her efforts. Now, in the worst case WGM PD will cancel their segment soon because of his dating scandal. WGM is pretty sensitive to any kind of scandal, of course at first they will deny if a certain couple will leave the show, but few weeks later there will be an article announcing the couple’s departure.

I have nothing against Jjongah couple, they can be cute and sweet but their imbalance dynamic is very apparent. Hopefully this WGM stint will not hurt both of their careers, especially Yura. She is a sweet girl and very hard working, hopefully she can get a better partner for a show after this. Hey at least they have celebrated their 200 days anniversary, that’s really exceeding my expectation.

Pictures Credit: Soompi, AllKpop

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