We Got Married: Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun aka Solim Couple

The popular TV Show We Got Married has scored a home run with its new couple: Song Jae rim and Kim So Eun. I have discussed my skepticism about We Got Married couple before, you can read my article here and actually haven’t watched WGM frequently for a while until the media announced that both actors will join the TV Show. Earlier, I tried to watch Girl’s Day Yura and Hong Jong Hyun couple but they are kinda bland and super awkward, Jong Hyun especially is very stoic while Yura is too bubbly. I think the formula of opposite attract doesn’t really work for this couple as the chemistry is almost non-existent.

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Back to Solim Couple, I have no idea about Song Jae Rim before WGM, however I do know Kim So Eun from Boys Over Flowers. I like her as I find her sweet but sassy, she is very pretty too with that girl-next-door charm. Moreover, it’s rare for WGM to cast two actors as couple, usually it’s a mix between idol, actors or singers. I was intrigued by the concept of literal blind date on their first meeting, they were trying to trick each other in the dark room and eventually So Eun won by guessing the right candidate for her fake husband while Jae Rim was still blank about his fake wife. Surprisingly, Jae Rim have no knowledge at all about Kim So Eun (I guess he was living under the dark during Boys Over Flowers crazy era?) You can imagine how surprise So Eun was as she repeatedly asked him “You really don’t know me?” LOL it hurts her damn pride for sure.

My first impression of them was really good, unlike the usual WGM couple with that heavy awkward atmosphere, the Solim couple bonded quite easily. They were very friendly and touchy even in their first meeting. And surprisingly they have many things in common too, like their love for cats (Song Jae Rim is like a crazy cat lady despite his macho appearance!), their frank nature and the endless competitive spirits. I will analyze this couple individually first since both are really interesting persona.

Kim So Eun, The Sassy and Sweet Actress

I love how Kim So Eun portrayed Ga Eul, Jan Di’s best friend in BOF. She was sweet and charming, but I guess her career kinda stalled after BOF. I never watched any of her drama beside BOF, it’s a pity since she’s a fairly good actress with gorgeous natural face. She has been working for 10 years in the industry and the big breakthrough never really happen for her, so I guess she’s trying to change her wholesome image with WGM.

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With her innocent face and petite figure, one may think she is a soft lady but you may need to think twice after watching her in WGM. So Eun is not afraid to speak her mind, hit her fake husband and being sassy. She is not an easy girl as Jae Rim has acknowledged it on their first meeting. Initially like everybody else, So Eun was stunned with her fake husband’s cheesiness (the level of cheesiness that makes your hand curls automatically LOL) and heavy skinship, however she is taking it very well after a while. She is not afraid to threaten, scream or hit him when he goes overboard, she is tough and not a pushover.

So Eun even beat her husband in the clay-shooting competition, she definitely trampled his pride over and over again in that shooting episode. I mean can you imagine a petite girl beating a muscle man like Jae Rim in a manly shooting competition? (Boy, she is no ordinary girl!) She also understand that push and pull strategy very well which make their relationship far more interesting. Song Jae Rim may leave her speechless often but she knows how to counterattack quickly, it is hilarious to watch how he will give in to her almost every time, she has wrapped him around her little finger for sure.

Song Jae Rim, Handsome and Cheesy Oddball 

I have no idea about Song Jae Rim before, but thanks to WGM I begin to watch his drama Surplus Princess. A funny and light drama that you may want to check later. He may played a cool celebrity chef in Surplus Princess but in WGM he is just purely cheesy and weird. A handsome weirdo is a right term to describe him, whether it’s his real self or not. With small face, skinny tall figure and striking features (kinda cat-like, his favorite animal) it’s no wonder that he was a professional model before becoming an actor.

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solim couple song jae rim

Song Jae Rim is super cheesy, unpredictable, cat lover and a skinship monster. As a husband, he loves to taunt So Eun endlessly, he is clearly enjoying her angry or frustrated faces (she is very cute indeed!). Jae Rim is definitely not the easiest husband to be with, he is so unpredictable with his actions and words. If we the viewers are overwhelmed by his peculiarity, just imagine how So Eun feels while facing him directly. I believe he is exaggerating some of his words and behaviors since WGM is a variety show, still it’s amazing to watch him saying those cheesy words so naturally. Nevertheless, being a handsome weirdo equals to great variety, the WGM PD must see a great potential within him.

Despite being cheesy and playful, Jae Rim is very meticulous as well. Firstly he packed his stuff very neatly, he likes to clean thoroughly and he made their own couple ring. I think this serious meticulous side of him is very charming. As he admit himself, he has multiple facets of personality hence expect more surprises from him. It’s a good thing that Jae Rim is not an idol, he is an actor with a mission to change his taciturn image therefore watching him act like a hot-blooded 30 years old man is understandable. He is not afraid to flirt, stare, hug and touch his fake wife like a real husband. In the same time he can also be very obedient and wags his tail to receive So Eun’s affection. He is indeed not a boring guy as he will keep his wife (and the viewers) on the toes.

Solim Couple: The Breakthrough Couple with LTE Progress   

After years since the golden era of Adam Couple (Jokwon and Gain) WGM finally can pair a couple with good dynamics and chemistry. And this time I’m not going to discuss about how fake or scripted this program is since it’s really just a TV Show with purpose to entertain us. WGM is not a reality show, it’s obviously orchestrated with structural concept. However, no matter how orchestrated it was, this show needs a couple with good chemistry to sustain the whole fake marriage concept. Since it’s loosely scripted, the couple can’t hide for so long if they have zero attractions to each other, I believe most of us can sense the awkwardness and eventually lost interest towards them.

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If we talk about chemistry, Solim couple is the definition of it with capital C (Just watch their Allure Photoshoot episode here, the chemistry is electrifying!). Their interaction is fun and hilarious even it’s just a mundane activity like eating out or doing dishes together. They seem to have genuine attraction to each other, as they are willing to play along and compromise with each other’s antique. Not to mention their tendency to compete and playing mind game to outwit each other. With concept like WGM, everything can be tricky, they are fake couple but must be believable to garner interest. Who else can do this job better than experienced actors like them? Actors are professionally trained for a job like this. Skinship, chemistry making and lovey-dovey stares are their specialties and I believe they are doing an excellent job so far.

Moreover, both Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are kinda on the same page of their careers. Both need a significant boost to raise their profile and WGM will be the main vehicle for them especially for Song Jae Rim. He is literary everywhere nowadays (SNL Korea, Running Man) and I’m really glad he is getting more popular than ever, it’s such a waste if his face and talent goes unnoticed. As for Kim So Eun, I hope she can get a lead role in a good drama after this WGM stint, she definitely deserves more recognition for her hard work and dedication.

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Do I believe they have real feelings for each other? Well, (sorry Solim Shippers) not really. But I believe they are friends at the very least. If I judge their interaction, they seem to have fun, enjoy each other’s companion and proud with their work as they are getting more popular.  For them I believe WGM is just another job, actors are different from ordinary people like us, they have different priorities which is mainly to stay relevant. And seriously with those gorgeous faces and immense charm, I don’t even believe they are single in real life. When Song Jae Rim said he had been single for four years (HA!), I rolled my eyes in disbelief. These gorgeous people don’t need WGM to find love, they need to stay relevant, garner more fans and rise their popularity.

I hope Solim Couple can stay for a long time in WGM, they are so entertaining and hilarious with great visual, it’s like watching a good rom-com. Real or fake, what matter the most is they will stay and entertain us as a lovely on-screen couple for a while. So let’s just enjoy the show, curl hands and wish them for all the best, Solim Couple daebak!

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If you haven’t watched this gorgeous and fun couple, you should! Watch here: http://kshowonline.com/kshow/2433-[engsub]-we-got-married-ep.238

Pictures Credit to: http://dr-myri-blog.blogspot.ch/ (Make sure you read their review on Sorim Couple too!)

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3 Replies to “We Got Married: Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun aka Solim Couple”

  1. Thanks for the neat article, summarizing the Solim couple’s adventure thus far.

    I very much agree that it’s easy to have poor casting, who are either not particularly strong actors or bear some apathy, if not dislike, for his/her counterpart. As you noted, the Jonghyun-Yura couple is an obvious example of this. Such awkwardness and, more importantly, lack of authenticity/honesty make such relationships and the show really not interesting to watch. I think most viewers recognize that WGM is a partly scripted/guided television show, but when the interactions and body language scream fake and artificial, it just exacerbates the premise of WGM being a television production.

    As such, the Solim couple is such a refreshing contrast to those type of inauthentic pairings, and is so wonderful to witness. I don’t quite share your cynicism about the pairing forcing the interactions purely for the sake of furthering their careers. We’ve seen too many actors on the show not being to “act” out this degree of chemistry and fondness for his/her counterpart, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is real romantic attraction between the two, particularly Jaerim.

    Just perusing the list of former WGM casts, most of whom I’ve followed (to varying degrees), I can’t say any of the “professional actors” have shown anything similar to the type of chemistry we’re seeing… Acting kind and respectful does not equate romance in my book. That degree of chemistry requires several days of rehearsal per scene, and I’m pretty certain the Solim couple hasn’t had that opportunity for practicing their “scripts”. I certainly think there’s some inhibition of their interactions taking place, particularly Soeun, but the chemistry so so thick one can cut through it with a proverbial knife.

    I certainly enjoy their comedic moments, but the scenes that will resonate far more are those conveying affection and romance.

    Re-watching real-life WGM couples from years past, it’s easy to see how much Junjin and Siyoung enjoyed each other’s company, and the romantic attraction and chemistry easily flow from their interactions and body language. I think we’re beginning to see that from the Solim couple, and hope it continues to develop 🙂

  2. @AiGoo Hi thanks for your comment and good insight of the couple! I’m a fan of SOLIM couple and certainly I will be very happy if they have true feelings for each other. I’m just trying to be objective here since they are after all a virtual couple, but of course this fact doesn’t eliminate the possibilities of them to be together in real life. It’s a good thing they have garnered many great fans and of course I will keep supporting them as they are both talented and gorgeous actors 🙂

  3. I’m kim so eun fan…I never thought that she want to join WGM. But…Dang…I’m so suprised and love to see her reaction to his fake husband. To @AiGoo…Thank you for this good article …I think song jae rim & kim so eun will be a best friend forever…hehe….

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