“That Winter, The Wind Blows”: Gorgeous & Intriguing Drama

Melodrama is not really my cup of tea and I try to avoid it since Autumn In My Heart. However That Winter, The Wind Blows starring Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali), Song Hye Kyo (Full House), Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers) and Jung Eun Ji (A-Pink) looks intriguing and it is recommended by my friend. I was ready for a heart wrenching story with all the cliches in Korean Drama, fortunately this drama is not that bad, in fact it’s quite good and very visually pleasing. Every frame is like a beautiful painting and those gorgeous close up of the lead actors are keeping you in awe.

That Winter The Wind Blows

That Winter, The Wind Blows is a drama about a man and a blind woman, who don’t believe in love. Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) is an orphan who is left heartbroken after his first love passes away. He begins to lead meaningless life as a high-stakes gambler. Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) is a lonely heiress who hardly trust anyone around her. When she was a little her parents got divorced, her mom and brother left her and she finds herself becoming visually impaired.

Oh Soo shares the same name as Oh Young’s brother and after the real brother died, he takes his place. His main intention is to swindle money from her so he can pay his huge debt. As Oh Soo tries to gain trust from Oh Young, he begins to fall in love with her. Not aware of Oh Soo’s real identity, Oh Young with her relapsing brain tumor starts to confide in him and eventually falls in love with her fake brother.

Story wise, it’s very basic for a melodrama. A swindler falls in love with his target, change his mind and decides to dedicate himself for her. She is blind and dying, therefore he is willing to do anything to protect her. Yeah it’s super dramatic but enticing, because we always love to watch how a bad boy changed himself for a girl. Dramatic story is a must for melodrama, fortunately this one  is well acted, even in the most ridiculous dramatic situation. Below are several things that I love about this drama:

1. Gorgeous and beautiful main leads

That Winter, The Wind Blows

I haven’t watched Song Hye Kyo’s drama since Full House (which was like a decade ago I guess?) And boy, she is still as beautiful as ever. This woman is like a living doll and her acting is quite convincing as the blind heiress. In looks department, Jo In Sung is her male counterpart because he is breathtakingly handsome as well. They are like the best visual couple that I ever watched in a drama and strangely they are getting more prettier as they age. However, their height difference is very obvious in some scenes even with those freakin high heels that SHK wears, they still look good together though.

2. Strong chemistry between the main leads

That Winter, The Wind Blows

That Winter, The Wind Blows

Both SHK and JIS are veteran actors with solid acting and the chemistry between them is sizzling hot. They are supposed to be (fake) siblings but I bet no siblings behave like them (No one touch her sibling’s face like that!). The incest factor is there because you know it’s wrong to act like that with your sibling (hugging, kissing, sleeping together, etc). Oh Soo is aware of this fact, however Oh Young is innocent and treats him like her real brother. Hence it’s kinda like a semi-incest situation and strangely you can’t get enough because it’s so addicting. They are obviously so in love with each other and you can’t help but rooting for them to be together despite the forbidden circumstances.

Moreover, they compliment each other so well since Oh Soo wants to live while Oh Young wants to die. With Oh Soo, Oh Young finds a reason to live because she is gradually falling in love with him, gone is the loneliness that always haunt her. In the other hand, Oh Soo finally can find a meaning in his trashy life, to protect a girl that he loves so dearly. Clearly, he doesn’t want to lose her like how he lost his first love.

 3. Jo In Sung’s Performance as Oh Soo

That Winter, The Wind Blows

I’m not a fan of Jo In Sung’s performance in the past especially in Frozen Flower (him playing as effeminate man is not my cup of tea). However, his acting is great in TWTWB as the swindler Oh Soo. Oh Soo is a complex character, he is confident and charming on the outside but confused and deeply troubled inside. From his first scene we know that he is not a good guy, in fact he is a playboy and notorious gambler. But as the story goes, we know that he has been through a lot of sadness and bitterness in his life. Life is never fair for him and  for once he finally finds a meaning in life through fragile Oh Young.

Through Jo In Sung’s brilliant acting we can watch Oh Soo’s inner struggle, the subtle expression and gesture is so well acted. We can feel the pain, the struggle and the love through his eyes, voice and motion. This is truly a work from veteran actor with years of acting experience, a professional and mature performance. It also helps that he looks mighty fine with those long coats and colorful pants. I’m officially a fan now.

4. Oh Soo and Jin Sung’s friendship and bromance

That Winter, The Wind Blows

Hottie Kim Bum is playing Jin Sung, Oh Soo’s long time comrade who is very loyal to him. Jin Sung loves his hyung very much and plays the role as Oh Soo’s trusted side kick. I love Kim Bum in this drama, because he is hot-tempered, loud mouthed but very loyal to Oh Soo. They are treating each other like brothers and Jin Sung always follow Oh Soo everywhere like a little puppy. I love to see their warm interaction and their close relationship is definitely one the highlights of this drama.

I give TWTWB 4 out of 5 stars, it’s a good melodrama even though some characters and situations can be very irrational and super dramatic. Despite Song Hye Kyo’s good performance, Oh Young’s character is very inconsistent, she is hot and cold most of the time. I blamed bad writing for her character and *spoilers alert* her last suicide attempt is screaming attention seeker and selfish brat to me. Such a cheap writing for dramatic ending effect. And don’t get me started on Secretary Wang, she is a freaky obsessive mother wannabe and I despise her action so much.

As conclusion, I recommend you to watch TWTWB, it’s beautiful, intriguing and well-acted drama. Definitely a must watch for Korean Drama lovers and Jo In Sung’s fans. Watch the beautiful and heart touching TWTWB’s MV below:

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