Rich Man Poor Woman: Not Your Typical Cinderella Drama

My friend recommended this Japanese Drama called Rich Man, Poor Woman few weeks ago and I really love it! It has been so long since I watched J-Drama, well I pretty much have drifted away to Korean Drama, nevertheless I still consider Hana Yori Dango as my favorite drama ever. Anyway, I really recommend Rich Man, Poor Woman starring Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi. You should definitely watch it drama lovers!

rich man poor woman

29-years-old Hyuga Toru (Oguri Shun) is a wealthy businessman and a tech genius with difficult personality. He first started to run an internet website from his room and his hobby began to make a lot of money. He doesn’t like to socialize and if somebody comes to him he suspects that they may want his money. Sawaki Chihiro/Natsui Makoto (Ishihara Satomi) is a college student on her final year with difficulties to get a job offer, she then attends a job fair and by an unexpected occurrence begins to work for Hyuga Toru. Sawaki Chihiro soon realizes that he isn’t a bad person. She then begins to have feelings for him.

Unfortunately, its title may mislead many people to believe that this is another Cinderella Story involving a handsome rich man with a bimbo girl. The story does involve these two kind of people but with a twist, their love story is not the main theme, in fact its focusing more on their struggle through failures and how they rise again to achieve their goals. The main leads, Hyuga and Makoto met by chance and they face many trials together, within the process they start to fall in love with each other and try to make it works despite their obvious opposite personalities. This drama feels very real because it explores many facets of human’s emotion and relationship.

Here are few things that I love about this drama (Spoilers Alert!):

1. The strengths and flaws of the characters
Hyuga is a genius with strange personality, he has a hard time to recognize people’s faces and names too which make him unable to build a normal friendship with his surroundings. Makoto on the other hand is an endearing and sweet character however she is lacking of confidence despite her capability and intelligence. Those flaws are humanizing their characters, like us they are struggling to be recognized, to be accepted and most importantly to be loved. We all can relate with these characters and we are rooting for them to succeed and attain happiness.

Rich Man, Poor Woman

2. The main character’s growth
Both Hyuga and Makoto are not stagnant characters unlike those people on The Heirs (Kim Tan and Eun Sang *cough*). Through many trials and obstacles, each of them is growing up to be a better individual. Starting with Hyuga who starts to acknowledge people around him by remembering their faces and names. And Makoto who is slowly building up her confidence and find her own dreams. I love how Makoto realizes that she too needs to find her own dreams instead of clinging on Hyuga all the time. She loves him but she knows that being a mere support system for him is not enough to make her happy. This is how a mature woman should think and I really respect her for that.

rich man poor woman

3. The friendship between Hyuga and Asahina
Asahina Kousuke is Hyuga’s comrade and closest friend. Hyuga trusts Asahina more than anyone and when Asahina decided to betray him, we know how devastated Hyuga was. However, despite his friend’s wrongdoings, Hyuga still forgives him and even asks him to become his partner once again. Broken friendship is hard to mend however the strength of true friendship will be known after hard trials. Their friendship is unbreakable even after a painful betrayal, showing how forgiveness can mend everything.

rich man poor woman

4. The acting and chemistry between main leads
Oguri Shun is a veteran actor hence I have no doubt with his acting skill, so far Hyuga Toru is one of the best characters that he ever played. He is very natural playing a strange genius with lonely heart, making me think that this character is specially written for him. And this is my first time watching Ishihara Satomi’s drama, but I love her! She is so adorable and charming as Natsui Makoto. Her kindness, persistence and smile will melt anyone’s heart, no wonder Hyuga is so in love with her. Both actors have great chemistry together even with the lack of romantic scenes, they can’t be more opposite but somehow they complete each other by supporting each other’s dreams.

I give Rich Man, Poor Woman 4.5 out of 5 stars because it is really that good! The pace is really fast and you have no time to get bored. Again this drama is not your typical Cinderella love story, so don’t expect any prince charming or sappy lovey-dovey story. Rich Man, Poor Woman is about growth, trust, friendship and rising above failures. This is a drama to remind you why you love Japanese drama in the past.

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