Kim Woo Bin: The Charismatic Bad Boy

The Heirs is a popular yet over-rated drama of 2013, however I have no regret spending 20 hours watching that drama because it introduces me to Kim Woo Bin. This handsome guy started his career as a high-fashion model at the tender age of 20 and rise into stardom after starring in popular dramas and movie such as School 2013,  Gentleman’s DignityThe Heirs and Friend 2.

I haven’t checked Kim Woo Bin’s other dramas but I planned to. His performance as Choi Young Do is superb and memorable, he was able to humanize the deeply trouble boy to a certain level. He kinda stole the spotlight from Lee Min Ho in later episodes of The Heirs because he was very good at conveying the pain and sorrow through his expressive eyes and subtle gestures. Moreover, Kim Woo Bin is not your conventional pretty boy, initially I thought he is weird looking but with striking features. I guess that’s a typical characteristic of a high fashion model, his face will never bore you because of those strong features, not to mention his long legs and elegant posture. Kim Woo Bin  is charming and interesting in his own way, which is rare trait in K-Drama world.

In The Heirs, Choi Young Do is a bad boy character that goes hot and cold. He is very unpredictable to a point where I thought that he is a bipolar. He bullies the girl he loves endlessly and tortures people around him as a hobby. He is a major asshole and it’s easy to turn him into one dimensional character with no redeeming quality. Seriously it was hard to like him at first because he was very ruthless and psychotic all together, I wonder if the writer knows someone this bad in her real life.

kim woo bin

Fortunately, Kim Woo Bin is able to give his character a soul, we can no longer hate him when he is timidly confessing his love to Cha Eun Sang or when he is deeply regretting the missing chance of meeting his mother. We know that deep inside he is just a lonely troubled boy who used violence and sarcastic manner to defend himself. I was rooting for him in the end and I thought he is the only character with most growth and development. This charismatic bad boy is definitely a scene-stealer in The Heirs and he also got a great chemistry with almost everyone.

Although most of Kim Woo Bin’s characters are bad boys, I think he is a nice harmless guy in real life. Previously, I have watched his appearance as a guest in Running Man and he is like the total opposite of his on-screen bad boy persona. He seems nice, friendly and a bit dorky. Well those traits can be an act too because he is a good actor, but if his real self is truly like that, I will salute him because he can play a bad troubled character really well on screen. I’m looking forward to watch more of his drama and hopefully he can play a lead character very soon.

What do you think about Kim Woo Bin’s acting chops? Let me know at the comment section below!

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4 Replies to “Kim Woo Bin: The Charismatic Bad Boy”

  1. I really love woo bin’s acting, but I do wish he would expand his acting roles into not a “badboy student” XD I look forward to his future projects tho!

  2. @picadrama Agree with that, I hope he will take completely different character for his next role. Hence he can avoid the typecast pitfall which is so common for new actors like him.

  3. @picadrama A doctor? Wow, can’t wait! So far I only watched Lee Jong Suk in Secret Garden. Still prefer Kim Woo Bin’s acting though (I read they’re best buds or something), maybe you can recommend some of Lee Jong Suk’s drama?

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