Hyorin Sistar Goes Solo: Love or Hate?

Hyorin the lead vocalist of girl group SISTAR goes solo with her album Love and Hate. Hyorin is famous for her excellent vocal skill which often being compared to the likes of Beyonce or Christina Aguilera by the Korean media. I have watched some of Hyorin performances in Immortal Song and her voice is flawless, singing is definitely her forte. She is one of the best vocalists among the idols and I bet she can do well on her own without SISTAR. Hyorin also have strong presence and charisma on stage, sexy and energetic is her signature style. With her tan skin and voluptuous body, Hyorin is able to stand out in the saturated idol world which full of stick-thin and pale girls.

Her single “One Way Love” showcases her husky soothing voice and features her rapping ability. The song is catchy and grow on me after several listening. In the MV, Hyorin is in toxic relationship with her selfish boyfriend (played by actor Yoo Yeon Seok, eye candy alert!). They had happy moments which portrayed by white and bright atmosphere (with some cute cats roaming around, love the kitties!) then it switched to gloom moments when their relationship started to fall apart. It was portrayed with black clothes, cold stares and detached body-language.

Towards the end, after some struggles Hyorin gives in to his embrace and they reconciled. The MV is pretty generic, but I love Hyorin’s hairdo (orange wavy-bob looks great on her!) and fashion in here, some of her clothes are pretty provocative but it suits her image as a sexy songstress. I still kinda disappointed with the ending because it shows how the guy is still in control, I hope she can just walk away and end it all together. Hyorin always have a strong image, so maybe she is trying to show another side of her, that she can be a vulnerable girl. This delicate side of her is desirable too I guess.

The other released single is “Lonely” and it’s pretty mellow song. Hyorin’s voice is very delicate in this song but I love it. A perfect song to accompany your quite and relaxing day. The other songs that I like from her album is “Don’t Love me” and “Massage”. Overall Love & Hate is a good album, it showcases Hyorin’s wide-range vocal ability. There is no doubt she’s a versatile singer with tremendous talents. However, she is kinda playing safe with this album, since some of the songs sounds very generic and commercialized. Which is not a bad thing of course, but I hope she can take some risks in her next album because she got this huge potential to be bigger than she is now.


I give Hyorin’s album 4 out of 5 points, so it’s love for me! It’s a commercial album and pretty much has been carefully crafted to gain profits, but it’s a good first solo album for Hyorin. She definitely will have a great solo career after SISTAR, so all the best to you Hyorin! I actually have download all the songs and put it in my iPod. Meanwhile, you can listen to her full album in this youtube video below:

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