G-Dragon on The Cover of HYPEBEAST

Few months ago I wrote about how G-Dragon is able to build his own brand with his musical talent and bold fashion style. In Korea, he is not only conquering the music industry but takes its fashion industry by storm too. You can read my previous article here. Today, he is not only conquering the Korean fashion industry, because apparently the world has acknowledged his distinctive fashion style. Global fashion magazine HYPEBEAST has chosen G-Dragon to be the cover of their magazine’s first issue of 2014 titled, “The Rhapsody Issue”, he’s also being featured on the inaugural listing of The HYPEBEAST Hundred:

g dragon hype beast

PicturesCredit to: Big Bang Updates

HYPEBEAST wrote, “The rising influence of G-Dragon encapsulates the current state of affairs in popular culture and the South Korean pop star epitomizes the synonymity that fashion and music share. For this reason, G-Dragon, a.k.a. Kwon Ji-Yong, stands as the face of the cover feature — an in-depth look at the synergy between his music and fashion, the interesting partnership that he has with his stylist and what the future holds for the talented artist.”

Big applause for G-Dragon who is able to get a huge recognition from a global fashion magazine, they even chose him to appear as the cover’s model! Moreover there are only 2 Koreans to make the inaugural list, the other is Lee Kun Hee which is the Chairman of SAMSUNG. This is a huge accomplishment for G-Dragon and I bet he and YG is really proud. PSY you get a huge competitor! For your information PSY and G-Dragon are under YG hence they might help each other for a little bit for this “going global” project.

g dragon hypebeast cover

I always love G-Dragon as an artist because he is a full package. He can compose, sing, rap and dance. Not to mention he knows how to express himself through fashion and integrate it to his music. His bold fashion sense and swag attitude has become his brand’s identity, which sometimes can overshadowed his musical talent. However, to reach international audience such as in America, I think his venture in fashion is really important. Americans like people with eccentricity and originality, e.g: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, etc. Those pop stars are famous for their valiant fashion and eccentric behaviors. G-Dragon fits both criteria and that’s why he can be featured in important fashion global magazine like HYPEBEAST.

Beside Big Bang and K-Pop fans, I bet general audiences in America are not aware of G-Dragon’s musical talent, initially he may appear just as this Asian Fashionista. However, I think him appearing on HYPEBEAST is a good first step to introducing his brand to the international world. He got what it takes to be big and not only in Korea because he is THAT talented and his team know how to create a savvy branding. In the world full of exhibitionists (I’m looking at you Miley Cyrus!) and wannabes, G-Dragon is one of kind that deserves all the recognition for his talent and hard work. Check out G-Dragon full spread on HYPEBEAST here.

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