“The Heirs” Ending Rant: Bearing The Weight of Nothing

I know it’s very late to talk about The Heirs Ending because the series has ended like ages ago. But I still need to voice my dissatisfaction of the ending (yes it’s bothering me very much). Initially, I have low expectation for this series but there was time where I thought that this drama may not be that shallow (it happened around episode 11-12), well that high tide only lasted for a while. The Heirs is your typical Cinderella Love Story period, the thin ice plot can’t sustain the drama for so long and the clean cut happy ending feels very vapid, resulted in anti-climax ending ever.

the heirs final

the heirs final

Kim Tan get the love of his life while poor Kim Won is suffering forever

Kim Tan is supposedly bearing the weight of Crown and he choose Love. But is he really bearing the weight? Because in the end think he’s just getting it very easy if you compare it to his brother’s fate (Kim Won eventually lost the love of his life and choose to bear the crown of wealth). Yeah he might cried buckets when Eun Sang left (only for several months I guess?) but it’s mainly because he is just being dramatic like any teenagers around that age. He is indeed very needy and super possessive about Eun Sang which is not very healthy. I was hoping for some kind of time-leap where all characters can just have time for growth-period. Maybe like thinking rationally for once? Unfortunately, the writer have no intention to make her characters develop into decent human being and learn something.

I have no doubt with Kim Tan’s feeling towards Eun Sang, but does she really love him as much? I don’t think so because his affection towards her can be too suffocating, eventually I think she just gives in. Both characters have no development whatsoever in terms of their personality and this lack of development is frustrating me. The character with most growth is definitely Choi Young Do, because eventually he learned that he has lived wrongly all this time. He asked for forgiveness from the people he bullied, helped Kim Tan  and reunited with his mother along the process. He was a major asshole but at least he learned how to be a better person and that’s the kind of development that I want to see from our main characters instead of just glorifying their love to the world.

the heirs final

the heirs final
At the very least, these pretty boys love their mom so much

The Heirs was marketed as Teenage Love Drama, so yeah maybe this kind of story is appealing for its target audience; female teenagers. But at least they can create a strong heroine character that those girls can look up to, there is nothing wrong with glorifying love when you are 18, we are bunch of naive morons around the age. However please make Kim Tan learns on how to take responsibility with his status instead of just stalking his girl around. And Eun Sang how can you let yourself get tangled with this love mess, I know you are better than that. I hope you finish your studies and get a proper job (Don’t let that ultra possessive guy tell you that you must stay at his castle and do nothing!)

Do I recommend you to watch this drama? Well it’s up to your preference, for me I watch it for Lee Min Ho’s charisma and Kim Woo Bin’s performance. They both made it watchable despite the horrible writing. As the main heroine, Park Shin Hye was so bland, she was only good in crying scenes and looking afraid (I still wondering why she always look like that when Kim Tan kissed her, I mean come on girl! It’s Lee Min Ho, it can’t be that bad!). I will give this drama 3 out of 5 stars. Popular yes, but very over-rated, love the OST though!

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