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G-Dragon has once again proved that he is one of the best performer in K-Pop industry with his live performance of Crooked in SBS Inkigayo. Firstly, I admit that I’m not a big fan of G-Dragon or even Big Bang, but I always appreciate good music and performance. And you know what? In terms of stage performance, I should say that G-Dragon is one of the best of his generation. Seeing him on stage with all that swag, we know that he was born to be a star. He is a professional performer with immense talent and stage presence. It isn’t surprising when I read that he has been trained to be one for his whole life (He was a trainee in SM for 5 years and a trainee in YG for 6 years).

With his superb talent and charisma, IMO G-Dragon is no longer in idol category because he is truly an artist who knows how to build his own brand instead of being a mass idol product. Of course his company; YG plays a big role with the creation of his brand identity, but I have no doubt that G-Dragon himself knows what he is doing. He produces his own music and integrates it with his bold fashion style, killing two birds with one stone. As a result, he’s not only conquering the music industry but takes Fashion industry by storm too.

His song title Crooked means twisted or out of place. This perfectly described his image as an artist. If I describe his brand in three words, it will be bold, creative and rebellious. Without a doubt, his brand identity has been very successful to make him stand out from other artists, hence we can expect him to do more extraordinary things in the future. Moreover, G-Dragon is not even vocally strong but he can utilize his other strengths to cover it up, in other words he knows that he is not perfect but that doesn’t stop him to be the best. I bet he is one of the most hard-working artists out there.

I listened to Crooked by G-Dragon few days ago and I was hooked by this song, it is indeed a very catchy song with rock elements (a refreshing move since he mainly does rapping or hip-hop style). Crooked is a song about a man who has been abandoned by his lover and goes crazy. In the MV, G-Dragon acted all crazy yet vulnerable in the same time. He manifested both feelings with the right expression and gestures. You can check the official MV here.

The tune and lyrics of Crooked is pretty much about releasing your sadness and anger, a perfect song for anyone who has been stressed out not only by love but by any other factors in life. Well last month has been pretty hectic with lots of anger in my side, so no wonder I can relate with this song a lot. I even practice those kicking the ground moves, it’s pretty effective to release your anger.

Leave me alone, I was alone anyway
I have no one, everything is meaningless.
Take away the sugar-coated comfort
Tonight, I’ll be crooked 

Check out this great performance of G-Dragon with Crooked in SBS Inkigayo below:

You can also check the whole lyric and translation of G-Dragon-Crooked here.

Are you a fan of G-Dragon? Tell me your opinion about Crooked in comment section below.

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  1. I love this song. I actually sent a group message to my friends using the lyrics (chorus). He’s really an amazing artist. Not a fan but I’m a fan of his label-mates 2NE1 so I know him and BigBang, too and been listening to them. You can also check their song entitled Blue. It was my favorite from them. G-Dragon wrote the lyrics.

    1. Yes, I love Blue too! Classic song from Big Bang, I especially love the intro, hope they will make a comeback very soon!

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