We Got Married: The Curious Case of Virtual Couple

WGM (We Got Married) is my favorite Korean TV show, actually it was the first Korean variety show that I regularly followed. However these days I’m not really into it anymore (I prefer Running Man now, Lee Kwang Soo!), I tried to watch Kwanghee and Sunhwa couple but I couldn’t stand Kwanghee’s over-the-top character. He can be funny but he is annoying most of the time. Despite their close on-screen relationship, I feel they just consider each other as friends and nothing more. It was the same feeling that I got from Adam Couple, although Jokwon and Gain were more fun and natural to watch.


All participants of WGM are aware on how this show can boost their popularity, thus they should create a fake but loving relationship to expand their fan base. Fake because after all WGM is just a TV-show, I believe it’s scripted although not 100% and most of the participants may just consider this as their job. Yeah don’t forget those people are getting paid to do this show, so it’s their job to act lovey-dovey with each other despite their true feelings, it’s the same thing with your regular job (but less good looking colleagues). Sometimes you get along with your colleagues simply because it’s your job.

But there is always a thin line between reality and virtual life, hence it’s possible that they may truly fell in love during the show. For instance, in Jun Jin and Lee Si Young Couple’s case, I remember watching their segment and I was sure they liked each other because the chemistry was there. I wasn’t surprised when I heard they dated briefly afterwards. Based on this, perhaps WGM is not that fake after all? Well, not really because it only happens for one couple out of dozens in the show. I mean more actors and actresses fell with each other after shooting a drama than those who participated in WGM. This statistic is definitely telling you something.


Back then, I was sure that Yongseo couple might be real because of their strong chemistry, but after I read that Seohyun admitted that she has no real feeling to Yonghwa during WGM, I realize that these people are just doing their job. I have observed Yonghwa and Seohyun in other shows, they both are hard workers and always give 100% in their work (Yonghwa especially is very competitive). People may say that all those Yongseo’s efforts were for each other while it may just be the reflection of their dedication and hard work. Yongseo’s popularity was soaring high during WGM, it bring benefits not only for them but their respective group as well. Thus in the end, joining WGM is not about searching your true love but more about boosting your popularity and promoting your group.

Still I have no doubt that those who participated in WGM can build a good relationship as colleagues or friends. After all they are playing as themselves during the show, so you can get a glimpse of their true personality. The best thing about WGM is it can make you feel both giddy and emotional, I remember crying during Yongseo’s last episode, gosh that episode was epic. Each WGM’s couple have a specific concept as well and I love to watch couple with good chemistry such as Yongseo, Khuntoria, Adam and Woojung, they clearly enjoy each other’s companion. Couples that seemed too fake for me are Teuksora, Kangin and Yoonji, Brave couple, and Sunhee couple. They were either just consider it as their job or worked too hard to make it believable, it was cringeworthy.


Let’s not forget that these people have a real life (and real relationship) outside, Oh Yeonseo’s dating scandal with Lee Jang Woo show how fake this show can be, even her partner Lee Joon chose to withdraw from WGM because he had enough of pretending. As for my advice, never take any WGM’s couple seriously, they may secretly dating, being plain friends or hating each others off screen, who ever knows? This is a variety show so just sit and enjoy. No over analyzing needed because after all those couples are just doing their job to entertain you. I’m off to watch Running Man now.

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