Vampire Knight Ending: Disastrous Love Triangle

Hey everyone! I just realized that Vampire Knight is the most popular post in my blog and since this series has ended recently, I will write a brief review about it. It was bittersweet and confusing ending but I just relieved it has ended. The feeling is sort like taking a bitter pill, you know you need to swallow it even though you hate it, and you get over it afterwards.

Personally, I believe this manga should end along time ago, when the story was reaching its climax. You can read my previous review of Vampire Knight here. For me the climax of Vampire Knight is when Rido was defeated and died. Yuuki chose to be with Kaname and left Zero for his sake. Believe me, I will have a better impression if Vampire Knight ended just like that. It’s a good closure, yeah it’s kinda open-ending but it’s better than have to bear with the pain to read 90+ chapters of fickle Yuuki and the complication of Pure Bloods vs Vampires vs Humans saga.

vampire knight ending

The love triangle had become super messy with Yuuki went back and forth with her feelings between those two guys. To be honest I feel bad for Kaname and Zero, I mean this girl played with their hearts most of the time. Yeah, Yuuki may appear sweet and innocent but she is actually a player with Kaname and Zero as her two boy-toys. I told you looks can be deceiving.

I actually skipped most of the later chapters because it has become repetitive, confusing and irritating. I just want Vampire Knight to end soon, that’s all. And believe me I am neither Yume nor Zeki shipper, although I admit that I was hoping Yuuki will end up with Kaname at first. However, after I see how twisted Kaname can become plus Yuuki endless fickle behavior, I stop rooting for them all together. I don’t care about who ends up with who anymore, Yuuki just need to choose, she can’t have both of them because it’s a shoujo manga. No heroine ever ends up with two guys in shoujo manga and certainly not this good-for-nothing Yuuki.

But of course Yuuki is too greedy and fickle to choose by her own, therefore the author need to make Kaname died hence she will have no option. Before his death, Kaname asked Yuuki to be together with Zero, Yuuki was hesitant but Zero sort of desperately pleading to her. Geez it was all touching and ridiculous at the same time, I don’t know if I should cry or laugh. So all this time Kaname is a Zeki shipper? *bangs my head on the wall*

vampire knight ending

In the end, Yuuki have two children, one looks like Kaname and the other one looks like Zero. Well not surprising for a two-timer player like her since she indeed slept with Kaname before. I strongly believe the black-haired chick is Kaname’s child and hopefully no incest relationship is going on between these two (I have enough of that okay?). Later on, Kaname is revived from his death, maybe after thousand years. I don’t see the point of this, perhaps it is just to show how strong Yuuki’s love towards him. I guess the author merely want to please both Zeki and Yume shipper, that in the end Yuuki still love her two men dearly (in other words still a two-timer bitch ’till the end).

Vampire Knight was my favorite manga to be honest, it was really appealing at first but everything has gone downhill after Rido’s death. And this series can be super great if the author can create Yuuki as a more appealing and consistent heroine, I mean her personality is confusing as hell. With Kaname, she is weak and submissive. However with Zero, she is strong and assertive. It’s like she has this personality’s switch or something. Make up your mind girl, seems you don’t even know your real personality.

Moreover, I know it’s hard to choose between two beautiful guys, but come on it can’t be that hard, gosh I wish I can choose. People may think that she is just too deeply in love with both guys, but for me she is just one fickle girl. In my opinion Yuuki suited Kaname better, because they both are twisted and manipulative pure blood vampires. Poor Zero is too good for both of them, it’s not his fault that he is trapped in this messy love triangle. Zero is just a victim, but I feel relieved that he is able to attain his happiness, yeah he is desperate for Yuuki’s love, I can’t blame him though. Zero is a fool in love like everybody else.

vampire knight ending

Do I recommend you to read Vampire Knight? Yeah, but read at your own risk. The art is beautiful though and it has all the potential to be great. But beware of the after-effects, it may leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth and a little bit of irritation. Also you will never see any innocent-looking heroine in the same way again.

Memorable quote: What is beautiful is not the world, but your beautiful eyes that embraces it- Kaname Kuran

You can read the last chapter of Vampire knight here

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  1. No kaname doesn’t worship zeki of course. He wants yuuki to be happy and he knows that if he’s gone she’ll be lonely without she’s not with zero

    1. Well Kaname is not a literal zeki shipper but since beginning he kinda pushed Yuuki under Zero protection, he knew the consequences but he still did it anyway. Hence despite his love for Yuuki, he always support those two to be together, for the sake of Yuuki happiness (like you said).

  2. What the fuck?! Did Kaname die? I don’t believe hahaha XD I SHİP YUME VERY HARD I DON’T WANT TO ZEKİ BECOME CANNON :’)

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