“Rooftop Prince” Drama Review

Hey all, I’m back to write a Korean Drama Review! I admit that I didn’t really watch Korean Dramas these days. Secret Garden and Rooftop Prince are the latest ones, yeah-yeah I know you all will say that where have I been? Bear with me because I was busy with work and real life. But I promise to write more in the future, it’s my resolution for 2013. Also, better late than never right?

Today, I will talk about Rooftop Prince starring Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min. Lee Gak, the Crown Prince of Joseon era is transported 300 years into the future to the present day of Seoul alMong with his three retainers, they are on a mission to solve the murder case of the Crown Princess. They land in the rooftop apartment of Park Ha, who at first thought that they are pretending to be crazy, but she eventually believes the odd quartet’s predicament and becomes their guardian. As Park Ha educates the four on life in the modern time, Lee Gak comes across Hong Se Na (Park Ha step sister) who seems to be the reincarnation of his crown princess.

Best things in Rooftop Prince:

1. Park Yoochun’s acting as Crown Prince Lee Gak

rooftop prince drama

rooftop prince drama

I recognized Park Yoochun as an ex-DBSK member but I have no idea that he is an actor. In my opinion most idols can’t act, but Park Yoochun can act, really well in fact. His acting is solid and convincing as the crown prince from Joseon era. In my opinion, Lee Gak is a complex character and Park Yoochun managed to capture both tough and soft side of Lee Gak’s character. After watching Rooftop Prince, you will be captivated by his charismatic and expressive acting. He is also not classically handsome but you will fall in love with his charming and lovely smile.

2. Lee Gak dan Park Ha Relationship

rooftop prince drama

rooftop prince drama

Han Ji Min as Park Ha have a good chemistry with Park Yoochun, they have this sweet and subtle chemistry. At first they hate each other and bicker alot, it’s cliche but entertaining at the same time. I mean just imagine the aloof crown prince being ordered around by an ordinary citizen, no wonder he often imagines himself torturing Park Ha in comical way, a sadistic prince indeed LOL. Of course we know what happen in Korean Drama when two people hate each other, yeah it’s the sign that they will be madly in love. They are kind of star-crossed lover, despite knowing that Lee Gak will not stay forever in the present day, the two of them choose to stay together ’till the end.

The main theme of their relationship is fate, in the past Park Ha is Buyong who supposed to be the Crown Princess, but it was not fulfilled. Now in the present day, Lee Gak reincarnated as Yong Tae Young who fell in love with Park Ha, but again they were not able to meet properly. However fate is not giving up, because eventually Lee Gak meet Park Ha and they both fall in love with each other.  So basically they are meant to be together both in the past and present, hence their souls will always look for each other no matter in what form.

3. The Joseon F4

rooftop prince drama

Joseon F4 consists of Lee Gak and his other three retainers. Yong Sul, Chi San and Man Bo. They are the funniest thing ever in this drama and I always enjoy their presence. They may serve only as supporting characters, but fortunately the writer gives each of them a distinctive personality. Yong Sul is the prince’s bodyguard, he is stoic and strong. Chi San is the palace eunuch, he is outgoing and sassy. Man Bo is the prince’s private tutor, he is the brain of the group.  These three are loyal and supportive to the crown prince, I especially love Yong Sul who is always serious but bring the funniest dry joke ever. The best humor in the Rooftop prince is to see these four guys antique behavior in the modern days. Such as kneeling over the money with their king face on it, taking off their shoes when riding a bus, changing clothes in the elevator, their obsession over omu-rice, etc.

Worst Thing in this drama:

1. The Pathetic Villains; Yong Tae Mo and Hong Sena

rooftop prince drama

I know that villains are designed to be hated by viewers. But in my opinion Yong Tae Mo is the most pathetic villain ever, I mean every time he is being asked about Yong Taeyong, you can see his obvious guilty expression and it’s very pathetic to see how he always fail to kill someone. Come on you are a villain, you are supposed to be cunning and clever! In the other hand, Hong Sena is a bitch, she is smarter but she is super mean and annoying. I mean who on earth will abandon or hurt her sister like that? She may redeem herself in the end but I think she did that because she has no other choice to save her face. This couple really suit each other because both are evil and have no conscience whatsoever.

In conclusion, Rooftop Prince is very entertaining drama although I think the writer put too much conflicts such as the boring office politics and family rivalry. It’s better if this drama can stay focused on one thing and less screen time for the villains, they are so damn annoying! But I will forgive all the flaws because this is a Korean Drama, no high expectation needed. Just enjoy the ride and end it with a smile. I give 4 stars out of 5 for Rooftop Prince because it’s entertaining, lots of eye candies and well acted.

rooftop prince drama

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  1. This is my all-time favorite Kdrama, actually. Great review! I agree with you about the villains. But I ignored because of Park Ha and Lee Gak. I loved Park Ha’s character, especially when she discovered Se Na’s true color. I didn’t expect she would slap her because I thought they’ll give her the goody-goody character but she’s a fighter. And I love their PH and LG chemistry. It took me months to move on from their story. 😀

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