Gundam Seed Destiny: Poorly Written Destiny

During this lovely break I choose to watch Gundam Seed Destiny, my unfinished series since 2010. There are lots of reason why I stopped halfway while watching this series. First of all, Gundam Seed was a great series with complex storyline and I felt deep sympathize for all the main characters. They were insecure but determined, they are likeable characters and I was rooting for them. Its sequel however was a big mess here and there. I was utterly disappointed back then. The storyline has no originality whatsoever and my beloved characters have been downgraded so badly.

Despite all the bad things, I choose to finish watching this series because this is my resolution for 2013. Complete my unfinished business no matter how bad it is. And these days I always write about something that I like, so I want to try new things. Write about something that I dislike and have fun with it.  Let me review one by one on what goes wrong with this series.

gundam seed destiny

Firstly, Shinn Asuka is supposed to be the main character of GSD but he is so annoying and hateful, all he does is screaming and being impulsive. I think the writer realized how bad his character is and decided to reduce his screen time. For the first half of GSD, Athrun get immense screen time but unfortunately with no character development. I thought Athrun has learned his lesson and understand what he should stand for. But no, he is still struggling with his idealism and conscience. It’s like he is back to square one, damn frustrating. I also can’t understand why he left Cagalli when she needed him the most. If he wants to fight then he can fight along her side right? Athrun you are one confusing character, please make up your mind already.

Then there is Kira who transformed into this godly zen character, he is emotionless, detached and utterly a boring character. I prefer his old self; the kind, sensitive and insecure Kira. At least he is not that boring in Gundam Seed. Kira is the unlikely hero with kind heart and I like him that way. The other characters like Cagalli and Lacus didn’t get much development either. Lacus is pretty much stay the same, she is the peacemaker and the voice of reason. Lacus is untouchable but flat at the same time. Cagalli in the other hand had lost her spunk and become a damsel in distress overnight, can’t blame her though because Athrun left her and she was appointed as the new leader of Orb, great pressure indeed. But I still wish Cagalli can stay as the kick-ass character in GS, she is so great back then and I feel so sorry watching her character falling apart.

For the storyline, GSD is actually repeating what had happened in Gundam Seed. There is nothing new in this series even with bunch of new characters in line. Coordinator vs Natural is still the main source of war and it seems everyone in this series is merely following order except for Durandal and Lacus. Most of the time, other characters are just following whatever these two are saying and being a mere political/war pawn. Destiny Plan by Durandal is completely ridiculous as well, I mean if that is what a genius can come up to stop the war, we are seriously doomed. Destiny Plan is the worst thing a human can ever come up with.

gundam seed destiny

Destiny Plan involves implementation of a new world order where every human is give the role which they are best genetically suited at birth, Durandal believes that under this theory humans will no longer fight against others for things that they wish, since each person’s destiny are predetermined at birth. IMO, this Destiny Plan is too radical and horrifying.

What makes us human is our freewill, we choose what we want to be because our life belong to us. Being dictated on what we supposed to be since birth is like telling to us to be a robot. Yes maybe this plan will prevent a war and create peace. But false utopia is not what humanity is all about. Humanity is not perfect and it’s not meant to be perfect. War is horrible but it’s telling us what goes wrong in our civilization and we will eventually learn how to fix it. We live, we make mistake, we learn and we strive for what we stand for, together as one. That’s what humanity is all about.

Back to Gundam Seed Destiny, if you are looking for great action scene and some fan services, you may enjoy Gundam Seed Destiny (the soundtrack is great too) but for storyline and character wise, this series sucks big time. 2 stars out of 5. This is a Gundam series with wasted potential and it could be much better *sigh*

Memorable quote: I’m not going to become his puppet and fight whoever he says without question. That’s not who I am! – Athrun Zala

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  1. pretty much my feelings when I watched GSD
    and I think most of the time I really wanted to reach out through my laptop screen and strangle shinn until he got some senses :v

    1. Agree about Shinn, he is so immature and senseless, fortunately they switched him to become a secondary character after few episodes

  2. Ahahah. I think somewhere along the way, the writers realized how “wrong” his character had become and decided to switch the main character. Maybe they thought it’s already too late to save him.

    Still. I really really really want Shinn to realized how wrong and immature he was. I want him to regret his actions and misjudgments. The ending didn’t show that enough. :/

  3. Not only Shinn, they actually screwed up every character in GSD. And the ending was pretty much a repetition of what had happened in Gundam Seed, over all GSD is one bad sequel for the Gundam Franchise

  4. Hey there, same here, I have watched Gundam Seed Destiny last year, and then I went back to watch the earlier series which is gundam seed to find out what happened in the past, till today finally finish gundam seed and complete the whole gundam seed + destiny storyline. In fact, gundam seed destiny is not that bad. I love that Athrun Zala very much in both series, the one character which is so aggressive and focus. The gundam justice is also continue to be very impressive with its the one and only special colour scheme. What more you want from gundam seed? All I want is to watch how Athurn Zala made those important decisions in each and every highly dangerous situation. And he is so lucky to have Kira on his side as a brother which will always support him. Gundam seed and destiny is so good with these two characters along with Cagali, Lacus, Mu la Flaga, although there a a plenty of boring scene appeared very often in Seed Destiny storyline, I just skip that part and focus on Athurn and Kira part, it is always fun and enjoying to see Freedom and Justice flying around in the sky.

    1. Yes Athrun and Kira friendship was one of the little good things about GSD, thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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