We Got Married: Woojung Couple

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since my last post, anyway going to post about my new favorite couples in WGM, although they may not be so new anymore. Blame me for being too lazy lately to write anything in here. Anyway the first couple is Jang Woo and Eun Jung Couple.

For me they are the most friendly and normal couple that I have seen so far. Similar to Adam Couple but less crazy, they seem to have developed genuine friendship with each other and it will be no surprise if they decide to date for real after the show. Jang Woo is like your regular guy (just much more beautiful), he is manly and dependable, also he is not an idol therefore he can act as freely as he want (e.g being playful and perverted LOL). Eun Jung is a cute and sweet girl, I generally dislike overly cute act, but she is just really lovely and it works for her image.

Woojung couple have the same blood type and both only-child, these similarities might be the reason why they sync with each other so well. In the show you can see they always speak out their mind and there is no formality as co-workers whatsoever. I know WGM is a fake-marriage show, but you can’t fake a good relationship, it just shows in their gestures and expression. They are good friends and it shows in the dynamic of their relationship.

From my observation (which maybe bias, pardon me), Jang Woo adores his ‘wife’ very much and sometimes he can be very possessive and too direct with his ‘desire’ (kiss monster! LOL), while Eun Jung is more hesitant to show her affection towards her ‘husband’, I guess because she is an idol. Nevertheless, I can see that Eun Jung is proud of her ‘husband’ (who doesn’t with that hunky man?) I often catch her admiring her ‘husband’ with googly eyes. Actually both are often staring at each other eyes with lovey-dovey stare.

The chance for them to get together for real maybe about 75%, however this is just a show and both are super busy with their schedules, so they may just stay as friends after WGM. Also, Jang Woo seems to have possessive trait (he likes to hold tight of Eunjung’s shoulder and hug her whenever he can) and it may burden free-spirited Eun Jung. Well, let’s not over-analyze and just enjoy the show, I hope they still have many more episodes to come.

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  1. @BaoAnPhung I think some of their actions are scripted but I believe they are really good friends 🙂 And I love this couple too!

  2. I second the motion..! I’ll just post my comment here for ep 36 @ Dailymotion.! ahehehe
    no Lie detector for WJ-SH couple?

    I’m a WooJung couple fan but all other couples are sweet also and fun! <3 including the hosts and guests! LOLz

    ISNT SHE LOVELY! ahh! AGAIN, Why did they not continue their love story!?!
    Lord please help them reunite again!AHHHHHH! Theirmothers and friends even are
    already informed and gave their blessings! Sow what's still lacking?
    THEM! ot pursue and stand for their love and realize that they fit to each other!
    that they always smile when they are together! and they love each other! AHHH!
    Why it is hard to realize! eheheh.. actuallly all three couples are inlove!
    Just tell me to relax 'coz this is just a show but in reality, it's you who would
    decide if you want to turn this fantasy into reality! AHHHHHH! Somebody! Put them
    together again if they wont move by themselves! XD

    I'm sick because of You was DAEBAK!!!!!!!
    WJ: I'm looking for medicine but there's none except Sohyun.. xD

    Leeteuk's song for Sora is really cute! He even inhaled helium gas! LOLz
    His a good MC but I like that his shy when it comes to Sora.. ^ ^ not fake emotion.. WAHHH! I LOVE THIS!

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