MBLAQ – Underrated Chicdol

Note: Going to write this in English to reach international readers.

This is my first time to talk about K-pop group and I choose MBLAQ because they deserve more popularity. MBLAQ is a group created by Rain, the famous pop-star who also starred in my favorite drama; Full House. They debuted around 2009 and honestly I just know about this group recently. I was bored and found their Idol Army Show in youtube, decided to watch it with no expectation because I thought no one can beat 2pm wackiness in this show.

I was wrong though, they were really funny and adorable in idol army. They showed a total different side from their chic image, the show was all fun and entertaining thanks to them. Afterward I watched their MVs and other shows, gradually I start to like them as a group and I must admit that their songs are all good along with unique and energetic dance. But I am aware how they are not famous enough, kinda underrated I must say.

In terms of popularity 2pm is much more popular thanks to Again&Again and their leader controversy. And there is also this group called Beast with growing popularity, hence MBLAQ is kinda the underdog between the three. But in the future I think they will become more popular, they just need to find the right song because they have all the materials to be on the top. And 2pm songs kinda suck lately, I’ll be back is so generic and what’s with the drag-queen make up? Bring back the edgy beastly song like Again&Again and Heartbeat!

Being underrated is suck that’s why I don’t write about 2pm, I love 2pm but they’re already super-famous, so they don’t need any kind of endorsement from me. I also love Arashi, they have been around for more than 10-years and I’m really glad that they are on the top of the world right now. Arashi boys deserve that, they have strong bonds, hard workers and very entertaining. And I see the similarity between Arashi and MBLAQ, hence I have the feeling that this group will gain enormous popularity in the future.


MBLAQ consists of 5 members, Seungho (leader), GO (main vocal), Lee Joon (vocal), Thunder (dance), Mir (Rap). Among these five boys I think Lee Joon is the most popular because he has been cast as the young Rain in Ninja Assassin. But after you watch all of them together, I think you will like each of them equally because everyone has their own charm. The leader has this yakuza stomach and deep dark eye circles, GO has a poker face but delivers the most funniest line, Lee Joon is a very sensitive person with yummy 6-packs LOL, Thunder is the octopus prince with super small face (he’s also the brother of 2ne1 Sandara Park), and Mir is the ex-farmer maknae with puppy eyes.

My favorite songs from MBLAQ is Oh yeah! and Y, Cry and Stay are their newest singles, I prefer Cry because it’s a beautiful song with awesome choreography. Rain had done a good job in his training because MBLAQ are all around talented and entertaining, not to mention their super good looks. You can see that all MBLAQ boys are chic and tall, I think Rain had selected them carefully and it’s also funny to know that 5 of them have the same A-blood type! I mean what a chance to gather five people with the same blood-type right? It’s like a fate or something. Although I doubt GO is really  A-type, he is too much of B-type in my opinion LOL.

Below is my favorite MBLAQ videos:

To watch MBLAQ in Idol army go to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/abmsubs (This channel also have various shows which MBLAQ participated in)

MBLAQ is still a newbie in the competitive world of K-pop industry. But they are young and talented, I’m sure they will be more famous this year because of their comeback and new album. They just need a mega hit song to breakthrough or perhaps join more variety show to showcase their talent. How about joining WGM, MBLAQ boys?? LOL I’m so obsessed with WGM right now, I should find a cure. Anyway, I hope you guys can support this funny boys and become their fan, they are worth to watch, trust me.

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  1. I really like MBLAQ too and I seriously do not understand why they aren’t as popular as 2PM. Is it the way they are marketed? As I think their songs are really good and unique, sometimes the kpop world really amazes me.

  2. @BJ I think it’s because most of their song are not your typical KPOP song, like Monalisa with spanish techno influence. And it’s okay if they are not that famous now, I believe they eventually will get much more famous.

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