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Sukitte Ii na Yo! (Say “I love you!”) is a manga by Hazuki Kanae. The main character is Tachibana Mei, who has no boyfriend or friends in her school. The other students perceive her as gloomy and weird girl, but she doesn’t give it a damn about them. One day she hits Kurosawa Yamato because of misunderstanding, but he is not mad about it and asks Mei to be his friend instead.

Mei is surprised by this sudden change in her life, because no one ever tried to befriend her before and moreover Yamato is a popular guy in her school. Later on, Mei asks Yamato to help her because she is followed by a stalker, and much to her suprise he ends up kissing her to make the stalker go away. After the stalker incident, Mei realizes that she likes Yamato and with another kisses, Yamato replies her feelings. They are officially dating in chapter three.

sukitte ii na yo manga

I like Mei, she is unique and totally different from the usual shoujo heroine. And I love her hair style too! She appears to be gloomy and weird, but I think she is a real good person with strong attitude. She has some problems in the past which make her more real as a character. She was really lonely before she met Yamato, but now she is willing to open her heart not only to Yamato but to the others as well. I like her awkward clumsy moments with Yamato, it’s really funny.

As for the main guy, Yamato (love his hair too btw lol), he is this typical handsome-cool guy character. He used to be ordinary looking in middle school and he told Mei that he is not as cool as he appears to be. Apparently, he was unable to protect his bestfriend who was bullied in middle school, he regrets his cowardice back then. For that reason he admires Mei who is not afraid to stand for herself. So far I like the fact that this guy has flaws and logical reason why he is interested in Mei.

This series have this kind of realistic atmosphere, the bullying, insecurity, low-self esteem, loneliness, etc. And I love how the author draws the characters, especially the hair! Okay I need to stop talking about their hair, it’s a weird obsession. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how their relationship will progress and hopefully Mei won’t lose her strong attitude, I mean I’m tired to see how a typical shoujo heroine always become a mess after a while.

Manga Scores: 4 out 5

Recommended: Yes! Read it now! You will like it.

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