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  1. to arale

    Sama-sama,furuba itu fruit basket ya? Gua belom baca komiknya, nnt kalo nyempet gua akan coba baca dan bikin reviewnya (: Thanks for your visit.

  2. Thaks buat ulasannya tentang hanadan and ita zura na kiss,ya Kak…semoga mimpi kakak bisa jadi kenyataan,Amin.GBU.Mayumi Akari-chan.

    1. To Akari-chan

      Kalau mau tahu lebih banyak tentang hanadan korea, cek aja terus blog gua, karena gua berencana untuk membuat ulasan lengkapnya nnt.

      Oh ya gua nggak punya friendster, kalau mau add gua di facebook aja ya 🙂

      Thanks for visiting dan comment2nya! Please keep supporting this blog ^^

  3. i’m from the netherlands, but i like actualy love manga and anime.
    i wanted to ask you something. could you send me the episode’s of gakuen alice season 2, because here in the netherlands they don’t have the episode’s.
    i hope you can read english, but it realy doesn’t determine
    because i am not good in english also :).

    私はネザーランドからあるが、愛mangaおよび日本製アニメを実際に好む。私は何かを頼みたいと思った。 ここにネザーランドでエピソードを持っていないので、エピソードがのアリスの季節2をgakuen私を送ることができる。私は私が英語でまたよくない:ので)英語を読むことができるが実際に定まらないことを望む。

    1. Hi Laila,

      Actually Gakuen Alice didn’t have season 2. There’s only one season with total 26 episodes. And I don’t have any of Gakuen Alice episodes, I watched it through online streaming. Hope this will help 🙂

      PS: I cannot read Japanese characters, but I’m fluent in English so you can communicate with me through English.

  4. eey
    nice that you can speak english to and sorry that i diden’t
    answert yesterday, but about that gakuen alice i heard vrom people that season 2 is coming and they even had phicturs
    from season 2 and i just don’t no if there season 2 is ore not:(.

    Ps: do you live in Englend?XD

    1. I’m sure that there is no season 2 for Gakuen Alice, but the comic book is still ongoing, so if you want to know the continuation of the series you can read it.

      England? No, I wish hahaha :D. I’m Indonesian, currently live in Singapore studying to get my bachelor degree.

  5. ooh i see but it is beautiful in indonesie as in england.
    really, but it is treu that you have more place in indonesie:D
    here in the netherlands is a little of bunches so you don;t really would like this pleace here:(.
    but i would like to meat you sometimes :)if my parents say yes and you know that will never happen XD.
    doe you know all lot about manga’s and anime’s.
    just asking X)

    bye for a time

  6. I lived in the city when I was in Indonesia, so nothing really beautiful about it. But yeah some places in Indonesia are beautiful indeed, like Bali.

    I don’t really watch many anime nowadays, but I used to watch alot 🙂

  7. ooh but in my case i love to watch manga and anime, but natural
    not every day:). it is that manga inspiris me about live, hapiness and sadness. al about things like never give up, jah.
    i know i talk to much but you’r someone from a nother country that’s really cool and ones in my live i just want to see the world. i love to see another country than Holland XD.
    i hope it willcome true.


    1. Honey and Clover is a good anime, if you like inspiring story for friendship and love, I really recommend it.

      And I had been to Netherlands before, I think it’s Amsterdam, your country is very beautiful, you should feel grateful because you live there (:

      I hope your wish will come true too.

  8. thanks for supporting me :D.
    I will look for that anime, thanks.
    jah I know that Netherland very beautiful is, but sometimes I just want to see something else and I am grateful that I live in Netherland, really I am.
    thanks XD but do you have MSN:)?
    ora do you havr hyves:D
    I hope so.

    BYE for now

  9. I don’t really use MSN nowadays and I don’t know what is hyves(sounds like a city in Europe)

    But if you want to contact me you can send email to Thanks for your visit and comment, talk to you later k? (:

  10. oke i’m going to raid you a email :).
    hyves is a site where you can talk to people like msn, but mutch
    better. i ether don’t use msn that mutch, but it is oke.
    sometimes it is irritating because people talk hole the time so it irritates me realy. that’s wy i don’t use MSN a lot :).
    hyves is fun realy. you have to try it the only thing wath you have to do is type http://www.hyves.(you’r country’s code name)
    a netherland i use but you wouldend onderstant it.
    i heard that netherlands is one of the most difficult language in the world. that is true i think because why he to learn alot about that language. it is boring t have netherlands :(.
    but i will ontect you :D.

  11. Halo, ini dengan Vania ya? Perkenalkan saya Jeffrey, saya tau blog ini dari Elance. Saya mau menawarkan part-time job content writer untuk Vania. Jika tertarik, bisa lansung email ke saya aja. Thanks 🙂

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